First page of St. Sava's Nomocanon, 1262 manuscript
Constitution of the Year XII (First French Republic)
Fresco of Saint Sava, Studenica Monastery
Fresco detail of Serbian Emperor Stefan Dušan.
Constitution of the Kingdom of Naples in 1848.
Proglašenje Dušanovog zakonika (The Proclamation of Dušan's Law Codex), Paja Jovanović, oil on canvas, 1900, National Museum of Serbia
Detail from Hammurabi's stele shows him receiving the laws of Babylon from the seated sun deity.
Diagram illustrating the classification of constitutions by Aristotle.
Third volume of the compilation of Catalan Constitutions of 1585
The Cossack Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, 1710.
A painting depicting George Washington at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 signing of the U.S. Constitution
Constitution of May 3, 1791 (painting by Jan Matejko, 1891). Polish King Stanisław August (left, in regal ermine-trimmed cloak), enters St. John's Cathedral, where Sejm deputies will swear to uphold the new Constitution; in background, Warsaw's Royal Castle, where the Constitution has just been adopted.
Presidential copy of the Russian Constitution.
Magna Carta
United States Constitution

It is considered an early constitution, or close to it; an advanced set of laws which regulated all aspects of life.

- Dušan's Code

Today it is considered to be Serbia's first Serbian language church-state Constitution.

- Zakonopravilo

Dušan's Code was thus a supplement to Milutin's code, as well as a supplement to the various Church law codes that also had authority in Serbia; in particular the Nomocanon of Saint Sava (Zakonopravilo), enacted in 1219 with the establishment of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian Kingdom.

- Dušan's Code

St. Sava's Nomocanon was the compilation of civil law, based on Roman Law, and canon law, based on Ecumenical Councils.

- Constitution

Stefan Dušan, emperor of Serbs and Greeks, enacted Dušan's Code (Душанов Законик/Dušanov Zakonik) in Serbia, in two state congresses: in 1349 in Skopje and in 1354 in Serres.

- Constitution

In Serbia, it was considered as the code of the divine law and it was implemented into Dušan's code (1349 and 1354).

- Zakonopravilo
First page of St. Sava's Nomocanon, 1262 manuscript

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