Cost of attendance

In discussions of the cost of college in the United States, the cost of attendance (COA) (also known as the price of attendance) is a statutory term for the estimated full and reasonable cost of completing a full academic year (usually, nine months) as a full-time student.wikipedia
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Tuition payments

tuitiontuition feestuition fee
The total cost of college is called the cost of attendance (or, informally, the "sticker price") and, in addition to tuition, can include room and board and fees for facilities such as books, transportation, or commuting provided by the college.

Tertiary education

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As of October 29, 2011, every post-secondary institution that receives federal financial aid funds is required to post its COA.

Student financial aid (United States)

financial aidstudent financial aidStudent financial aid in the United States
As of October 29, 2011, every post-secondary institution that receives federal financial aid funds is required to post its COA.

Federal Work-Study Program

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Colleges are also required to post a Net Price Calculator, that determines for each prospective or current student a personalized Net Price, which is the difference between COA and need- and merit-based Grant Aid (not including loans or work-study programs).

Higher education bubble in the United States

Higher education bubbleeducation bubbleless than the number of college graduates
*Higher education bubble

Voluntary System of Accountability

College Portraits data elements include: admissions requirements, retention and graduation rates, campus community highlights, academic programs, safety, and cost of attendance, to name a few.

Expected family contribution

The EFC is subtracted from the cost of attendance (COA) of the college or university to determine a student's financial need.

Private student loan (United States)

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Financial aid, including loans, may not exceed the cost of attendance.

Ryan Bamford

In his first six months at UMass, Bamford generated interest and visibility for the athletics program by announcing the department would fund the Cost of Attendance gap for its scholarship student-athletes.

University of Minnesota Rochester

RochesterUniversity of Minnesota - RochesterUniversity of Minnesota, Rochester
In the 2010 aid year (covering fall 2009, spring 2010, and summer 2010) the cost of attendance (COA) was $21,762.


Behind this was Edifi's ability to find or calculate the true cost of attendance for each college — since 2011 posted on each college's Web site, by Federal law, but before that often hard to locate, if the figure was public at all.