Seaslug Mk. II missile
London leads Antrim and Norfolk during exercises in 1971
Seaslug on display at Wickenby Aerodrome, Lincolnshire, UK
HMS Norfolk, a Batch 2 ship, following modification that removed the 'B' turret and replaced it with four Exocet launcher boxes
Test firing from the trials ship HMS Girdle Ness (A387), circa 1961.
The Seaslug launcher mounted on the quarterdeck of HMS Glamorgan, circa 1972
The firing of the first Seaslug test missile from HMS Girdle Ness (A387). This version is based on the RAE's early GPV, and retains the rear-mounted boosters before they moved forward on the "long round".
Map with Seaslug operators in blue

Designed specifically around the Seaslug anti-aircraft missile system, the primary role of these ships was area air defence around the aircraft carrier task force in the nuclear-war environment.

- County-class destroyer

It was only fitted to the Royal Navy's eight County-class destroyers which were designed around the missile system.

- Seaslug (missile)
Seaslug Mk. II missile

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