Holbrook in 1977
Theatrical release poster
Holbrook in The Brighter Day Scene, August 1954
Several screenshots from the film, demonstrating the way comic-book imagery and effects were used extensively by director George A. Romero to recreate the feel of classic 1950s EC horror comics, such as ''Tales from the Crypt
Holbrook performing as Twain at the University of Houston
Holbrook in 2007
President George W. Bush and Laura Bush pose for a photo with Holbrook (center), a recipient of the National Humanities Medal in the Oval Office on November 14, 2003.
Holbrook and Carter at the 41st Primetime Emmy Awards, 1990

The film's ensemble cast includes Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, Leslie Nielsen, Carrie Nye, E. G. Marshall, and Viveca Lindfors as well as King himself (King's acting debut actually came a year prior in the Romero film Knightriders).

- Creepshow

He also appeared in such films as Julia (1977), The Fog (1980), Creepshow (1982), Wall Street (1987), The Firm (1993), Hercules (1997), and Men of Honor (2000).

- Hal Holbrook
Holbrook in 1977

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