Cuarto River

The Cuarto River

River of Argentina which crosses the southern part of the Province of Córdoba, and merges with the Tercero River to form the Carcarañá River (a tributary of the Paraná River via the Coronda River).

- Cuarto River

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Carcarañá River

River in Argentina.

Carcarañá river in Argentina

It begins at the confluence of the Río Tercero and the Saladillo River (the lower course of the Río Cuarto) in the south-east of the province of Córdoba (near Cruz Alta, at -33.01667°N, -61.8°W) and flows eastward into the province of Santa Fe, which it crosses.


Indigenous tribe from the northern part of La Pampa Province, Argentina, in South America.

They settled along the Cuarto and Colorado rivers, from the south of today's Argentine provinces of San Luis, Córdoba, to the south of La Pampa.

Tercero River

River in Córdoba Province of Argentina.

It joins the Saladillo River (also called the Cuarto River) to form the Carcarañá River, a tributary of the Paraná River.

Río Cuarto, Córdoba

City in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

The Río Cuarto River flows through the province of Córdoba; its central location in the Humid Pampas favored the city's development as a transport hub for much of the surrounding agriculture, and a number of slaughterhouses and food processing plants opened in Río Cuarto during the twentieth century.

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Cuarto River (Saladillo River, Chocancharava River)

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