Customer development

Customer development is a formal methodology for building startups and new corporate ventures.wikipedia
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Steve Blank

customer developmentcustomer development frameworkSteve G. Blank
Customer development was developed by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank in the 1990s.
Blank is recognized for developing the customer development method that launched the lean startup movement, a methodology which recognized that startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but require their own set of processes and tools to be successful.

Lean Launchpad

the Lean Launchpad
His class, the Lean Launchpad, was first taught has been adopted by more than 75 universities around the globe.
It is based on the scientific method and combines experiential learning with the three building blocks of a successful lean startup: Alexander Osterwalder's "Business Model Canvas", Steve Blank's "Customer Development Model, and Agile Engineering.

Lean startup

leanpivotlean start-up
It is one of the three parts that make up a Lean Startup (Business Model Design, Customer Development, Agile Engineering).

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, CaliforniaSan JoseSan Francisco Bay Area technology industry
While writing about his experiences as an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley for his memoir, Blank began to notice patterns in the startups he was involved with.


Groupon Malaysia
There are several examples of successful companies that pivoted early on, including Groupon, which famously pivoted from a failed social advocacy campaign into a billion dollar daily deal site, and, which pivoted from a social network to a daily deal design site.

Haas School of Business

Walter A. Haas School of BusinessCollege of CommerceUniversity of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business