A report on RopczycePilzno and Dębica

The Parish Church of the Transfiguration in Ropczyce
St. John the Baptist Church in Pilzno
A community centre in Ropczyce
Pilzno Town Hall
Monument depicting King Casimir III the Great giving Świętosław Gryfita permission to establish Dębica
Mayor's Office in Ropczyce
Church of St. Jadwiga first erected in the 14th century
600 years Anniversary Monument in Ropczyce
Dębica's oldest high school in the early 20th century
A park in Ropczyce
Reconstructed camp barracks with a watchtower and the barbed-wire fence in the village of Pustków
Krzysztof Penderecki

It was the capital of Pilzno County, which included Tarnów, Dębica, Ropczyce, Mielec, and Sędziszów Małopolski.

- Pilzno

Dębica was conveniently located along the main merchant route from Kraków to Lwów, but the newly established town was unable to compete with older urban centers of the area, Pilzno and Ropczyce.

- Dębica

Ropczyce was first located in the administrative area (or cyrkuł) of Pilznen and in the Sandomierski district.

- Ropczyce


- Ropczyce

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