Commercial product concentrate containing 50% DDT, circa 1960s
Commercial product of Ciba-Geigy Néocide (powder box, 50 g) containing 10% DDT, made in France.
An airplane spraying DDT over Baker County, Oregon as part of a spruce budworm control project, 1955
DDT spray log in Bosa (Sardinia)
Degradation of DDT to form DDE (by elimination of HCl, left) and DDD (by reductive dechlorination, right)
A U.S. soldier is demonstrating DDT hand-spraying equipment. DDT was used to control the spread of typhus-carrying lice.
Spraying hospital beds with DDT, PAIGC hospital of Ziguinchor, 1973
Biomagnification is the build up of toxins in a food chain. The DDT concentration is in parts per million. As the trophic level increases in a food chain, the amount of toxic build up also increases. The X's represent the amount of toxic build up accumulating as the trophic level increases. Toxins build up in organism's tissues and fat. Predators accumulate higher toxins than the prey.

The company once manufactured controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine growth hormone.

- Monsanto

In the United States, it was manufactured by some 15 companies, including Monsanto, Ciba, Montrose Chemical Company, Pennwalt, and Velsicol Chemical Corporation.


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William Ruckelshaus

American attorney and government official.

American attorney and government official.

Ruckelshaus sworn in as first EPA Administrator. The people in the photo from left to right are: President Richard M. Nixon, William Ruckelshaus, Jill Ruckelshaus, and Chief Justice Warren Burger.
Administrator Ruckelshaus on a tour of the Four Corners Air Quality Region by EPA airplane
Ruckelshaus speaks in 2010 at an EPA event celebrating the agency's 40th anniversary.

Also during his first tenure at the EPA, Ruckelshaus advocated for and enacted a ban on the insecticide DDT.

Ruckelshaus served as a director on boards of several corporations, including Isilon Systems, Monsanto, Cummins, Pharmacia, Solutia, Coinstar, Nordstrom, Pfizer, and Weyerhaeuser.