Iolanda GigliottiYolanda Christina Gigliotti
Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti (17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987), professionally known as Dalida, was a French singer and actress, born in Egypt to Italian parents.wikipedia
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Miss Egypt

EgyptHeba El-Sisy2014 Miss Egypt beauty pageant
She won the Miss Egypt beauty contest in 1954 and began a 31-year singing career in 1956, selling 170 million albums and singles worldwide.
Miss Egypt 1954 was Iolanda Gigliotti, who later became known as Dalida because of her singing and film career.

Eddie Barclay

Barclay Studios
Prior to the competition, Eddie Barclay, owner of the largest producing house in France, Barclay, and Lucien Morisse, artistic director of the newly established radio station Europe n°1, met in Bar Romain (now Petit Olympia) and discussed what to do that evening.
Eddie Barclay (26 January 1921 – 13 May 2005) was a French music producer whose singers included Jacques Brel, Dalida and Charles Aznavour.

Dalida discography

Dalida albums discographyDalida singles discographyEux
Later the same month, she made a shift from yé-yé covering Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" as "Tu croiras", which was followed by an equally more melancholic string of recordings such as "Le jour du retour", a summer number one hit in Canada, and "Eux" that later peaked at number two in Argentina and was recorded in five languages.
French singer Dalida has released forty-one studio album, twenty-one compilation album, five live albums and one soundtrack album.

Son nom est Dalida

Bambino was released in early December only as a promo single, but quickly receiving more public interest than all of her previous recordings, Morisse started to heavily promote it and it was placed as title song to Dalida's debut album Son nom est Dalida that was issued by the end of same month.
Son nom est Dalida (Her name is Dalida) is the debut studio album by French vocalist Dalida.

Marco de Gastyne

As the election was attended by three film directors, the victory opened her the doors of the Egyptian cinema; Marco de Gastyne casted her in The Mask of Tutankhamun (1954) and Niazi Mostafa for leading role in A Glass and a Cigarette (1954), on which posters she appears with her newly adopted stage name Dalila because, as she explained in 1968, "it was a very frequent name in Egypt and I liked it a lot."
He discovered Dalida and promoted her in his film Le Masque de Toutankhamon in 1954.

The Way of Love

Parlez-moi de lui
"Parlez moi de lui" did not achieve commercial success but became one of her first power ballads, based on experiences in her own life, and made famous in US by Cher as The way of love.
In 1966 a new French version, also by lyricist Michel Rivgauche, was recorded by Dalida as "Parlez-moi de lui" ("Tell me about him").

Sanremo Music Festival 1967

17th editionSanremoSanremo Music Festival
"Ciao amore, ciao", written and composed by Tenco, was released alongside as they chose it for their competing song at Sanremo Music Festival.
During the festival, following the elimination of their song, the partner of Dalida singer-songwriter Luigi Tenco committed suicide.

Dalida internationale

Garde-moi la dernière danse
She also issued two albums Dalida internationale and Loin de moi.
Dalida internationale is the eighth album by Dalida, released in 1961.

Charles Aznavour

AznavourAznavour, CharlesCharles Aznavour Foundation
The tour was emulated with concert residency in Olympia two days later when Dalida and other celebrities; Charles Aznavour, Francoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan, were brought to the Olympia's entrance by the same drivers on their roofless trucks, making a parade alongside the streets of Paris.
Artists who have recorded his songs and collaborated with Aznavour include Édith Piaf, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra (Aznavour was one of the rare European singers invited to duet with him ), Andrea Bocelli, Bing Crosby, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan (he named Aznavour among the greatest live performers he had ever seen), Dusty Springfield, Liza Minnelli, Mia Martini, Elton John, Dalida, Serge Gainsbourg, Josh Groban, Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, José Carreras, Laura Pausini, Nana Mouskouri and Julio Iglesias.

Alain Delon

Vidal relocated her to a smaller apartment where her first neighbour was Alain Delon (then still unknown to the wider public), with whom she had a brief relationship.
In 1973, he recorded with Dalida "Paroles, paroles", a popular French-language version of the Italian song "Parole parole".

Piccolo ragazzo

At the same time, Italian album Piccolo ragazzo became a chart success and "Ciao amore ciao" topped several international charts earning Dalida another gold disc.
Piccolo ragazzo is an Italian album by Dalida.

Pensiamoci ogni sera

Until the end of year, they produced the successful Italian album Pensiamoci ogni sera and three more EPs.
Pensiamoci ogni sera is an Italian album by Dalida.

Il venait d'avoir 18 ans

By the end of 1973, Dalida released the promotional single A-side Il venait d'avoir 18 ans with B side Non ce n'est pas pour moi.
Il venait d'avoir 18 ans (which translates to "He just turned 18") is a French song from 1973, interpreted by Dalida.

Gigi l'amoroso

Gigi l'amoroso (Gigi l'amour)
The song Il venait d'avoir 18 ans quickly started gaining success and it was again released in the beginning of 1974 but as B-side to single A-side Gigi l'amoroso.
"Gigi l'amoroso (Gigi l'amour)" is a song by Dalida from her 1974 album Dalida (commonly known as Manuel).

Palais des Sports 80

Dalida au Palais des Sports 1980Le spectacle du Palais des Sports 1980
Following the spectacle, Dalida released the double live album Le spectacle du Palais des Sports 1980 and organized a new European tour and a small World tour.
Palais des Sports 80 is a live double album by Dalida, recorded live at the Palais des Sports in Paris in January 1980.


Paris, FranceParísParisian
The third offer was a longer period contract by an Egyptian film producer that she turned down after Gastyne advised her to try her luck in Paris.
Later, Olympia Paris presented Dalida, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Miles Davis, Judy Garland and the Grateful Dead.

Mourir sur scène

In the first part of 1983, she released several songs, the most notable being "Mourir sur scène".
Mourir sur scène is a 1983 song by Dalida, and is often recognized as Dalida's most iconic late-career song.

A Glass and a Cigarette

As the election was attended by three film directors, the victory opened her the doors of the Egyptian cinema; Marco de Gastyne casted her in The Mask of Tutankhamun (1954) and Niazi Mostafa for leading role in A Glass and a Cigarette (1954), on which posters she appears with her newly adopted stage name Dalila because, as she explained in 1968, "it was a very frequent name in Egypt and I liked it a lot."
It stars Samia Gamal and it is also the first film to feature Dalida (then known as Dalila) in a supporting role.

What Have They Done to My Song Ma

Look What They've Done to My Song Ma
Soon after, Dalida released her second record under her new label; Ils ont changé ma chanson, a cover of "What have they done to my song ma", reflecting a drastic change of her repertoire in past years.
The song has also been covered by many other artists, including Nina Simone, the New Seekers, Dalida, and Billie Jo Spears.


Cairo, EgyptCaireneAbbaseya
Dalida was born Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti in Cairo, Kingdom of Egypt, on 17 January 1933.


Komm' ZurückTornerai
Most of the songs were from the same genre except for the disco-genre song "J'attendrai".
An extremely popular version was recorded by Dalida for her 1975 album J'attendrai.


Her father Pietro Gigliotti (1904–1945) and mother Filomena Giuseppina (née D’Alba, 1904–1971) were born in Serrastretta, Calabria in Italy.
There is also a museum devoted to the singer Dalida, whose parents originally came from Serrastretta.

Montmartre Cemetery

Cimetière de MontmartreMontmartreCemetery of Montmartre
Dalida is buried at the Montmartre Cemetery, 18th Division, Chemin des Gardes.


District of AntalyaAntalya, TurkeyAttaleia
Her last live performance took place in Antalya, Turkey from 27 to 29 April 1987, just before her suicide.
In the 1985 singing diva Dalida held her last concert in Antalya.

Music of France

FrenchFrench musicFrench singer
In the future decades, "Paroles paroles" went on to become one of most famous French songs of all time and a signature track of both Dalida and music of France.
Some of the most important artists included: Édith Piaf, Juliette Greco, Mireille Mathieu, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, Gilbert Bécaud, Monique Serf (Barbara), Léo Ferré, Charles Aznavour, Salvatore Adamo and Dalida plus the more art-house musicians like Brigitte Fontaine.