This portrait is believed to be of Princess Nadira Banu Begum
Sultan Parviz Mirza
Miniature portrait of Dara Shikoh
The wedding of Nadira Begum and Dara Shikoh
18th-century portrait of Dara Shikoh
Outside view of Nadira Begum's tomb during winter
Dara's brothers (left to right) Shah Shuja, Aurangzeb and Murad Baksh in their younger years, ca 1637
Young Dara Shikoh (Left) and Mian Mir (Right)
The marriage of Dara Shikoh and Nadira Begum, 1875–90
Wedding procession of Dara Shikoh, with Shah Shuja and Aurangzeb behind him. Royal Collection Trust, London.
Dara Shikoh with his army
Humayun's Tomb, where the remains of Dara Shikoh were interred in an unidentified grave.
A page from the Majma-ul-Bahrain, Victoria Memorial, Calcutta.
Dara Shikoh (with Mian Mir and Mullah Shah Badakhshi), ca. 1635
A painting from the Persian translation of Yoga Vasistha manuscript, 1602
A Prince in Iranian Costume by Muhammad Khan. Dara Shikoh Album, Agra, 1633–34.
Shah Jahan Receiving Dara Shikoh

Nadira Banu Begum (14 March 1618 – 6 June 1659) was a Mughal princess and the wife of the Crown prince, Dara Shikoh, the eldest son and heir-apparent of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

- Nadira Banu Begum

His daughter, Nadira Banu Begum, later became the wife of Dara Shikoh.

- Parviz Mirza

Nadira Banu Begum was born a Mughal princess and was the daughter of Sultan Parvez Mirza, the second son of Emperor Jahangir from his wife, Sahib-i-Jamal Begum.

- Nadira Banu Begum

During the life time of his mother Mumtaz Mahal, Dara Shikoh was betrothed to his half-cousin, Princess Nadira Banu Begum, the daughter of his paternal uncle Sultan Parvez Mirza.

- Dara Shikoh
This portrait is believed to be of Princess Nadira Banu Begum

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