Dartmouth College traditions

The Class of 2009's bonfire on the afternoon before Dartmouth Night.
Bonfire at the 2004 Dartmouth Night. The "08" stands for the Class of 2008, the freshman class that year
Students racing chariots on the Green at Green Key Weekend.
Tubestock on the Connecticut River
Men carving canes while sitting on the Senior Fence.
The nose of the statue of Warner Bentley is discolored due to students rubbing it.

American Ivy League college in Hanover, New Hampshire, are deeply entrenched in the student life of the institution and are well known nationally.

- Dartmouth College traditions

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Dartmouth College

Private Ivy League research university in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States.

Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth College founder
The Charter of Dartmouth College on display in Baker Memorial Library. The charter was signed on December 13, 1769, on behalf of George III.
The earliest known image of Dartmouth appeared in the February 1793 issue of Massachusetts Magazine. The engraving may also be the first visual proof of cricket being played in the United States.
Lithograph of the President's House, Thornton Hall, Dartmouth Hall, and Wentworth Hall
College seal at the Collis Center
Baker Memorial Library
A view of East Campus from Baker Tower
Tuck School of Business
McNutt Hall, home to the Dartmouth Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Tower Room in Baker Memorial Library
Dartmouth Hall was reconstructed in 1906.
Drawing of Wilson Hall, Dartmouth's first library building, by architect Samuel J. F. Thayer (1842–1893), which appeared in American Architect and Building News in March 1885.
American elm on Dartmouth College campus, June 2011
The Hopkins Center
Sherman Fairchild Physical Sciences Center
Memorial Field
Robinson Hall houses many of the College's student-run organizations, including the Dartmouth Outing Club. The building is a designated stop along the Appalachian Trail.
Dartmouth Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity house
A Dartmouth varsity hockey game against Princeton at Thompson Arena
The 40th Dartmouth Powwow
Seal of Dartmouth College
Lord Hall, Allen House
Morton Hall, East Wheelock House
Woodward Hall, North Park House
Mid Massachusetts Hall, School House
Topliff Hall, South House
Russell Sage Hall, West House
Robert Frost, poet
Dr. Seuss, writer and illustrator
Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and United States Secretary of the Treasury
Timothy Geithner, former United States Secretary of the Treasury
Salmon Chase, former Chief Justice of the U.S.
Daniel Webster, former Secretary of State
Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice President of the United States
Kirsten Gillibrand, United States senator
Robert Reich, former United States Secretary of Labor, political commentator, professor, and author
Sarah Wayne Callies, actress
Mindy Kaling, actress and comedian
Connie Britton, actress, singer and producer
Shonda Rhimes, television producer and writer
Brad Ausmus, baseball player
Jake Tapper, journalist, author, and commentator
David Benioff, screenwriter and television producer, writer, and director
Fred Rogers, television personality
Rachel Dratch, comedian

Dartmouth is known for its strong undergraduate focus, Greek culture, and wide array of enduring campus traditions.

The Dartmouth

Daily student newspaper at Dartmouth College and America's oldest college newspaper.

The Dartmouth leases its office suites on the second floor of Robinson Hall.
One of the first issues of the Dartmouth Gazette

Special editions are printed for such events as Homecoming weekend, Winter Carnival, Green Key Weekend and Commencement, and a special freshman issue is sent to the homes of all incoming students the summer before matriculation.

Red Foley

American singer, musician, and radio and TV personality who made a major contribution to the growth of country music after World War II.

Foley in Springfield, Missouri, ca. 1956

A dance to Foley's recording of "Papa" John Gordy's song, The Salty Dog Rag, has been a tradition at Dartmouth College since 1972 where it is taught to freshmen during orientation.

Dartmouth Outing Club

Oldest and largest collegiate outing club in the United States.

Robinson Hall, home to the Dartmouth Outing Club offices.
Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, maintained by the DOC

By 1911, the club had decided to enhance the Field Day by inviting women, holding further social festivities, and renaming it the "Winter Carnival", an event which has been carried out every year since, excepting 1918 (due to lack of coal and wood).

Dartmouth Skiway

Ski area in the northeastern United States, in Lyme, New Hampshire.

The classic New England Holts Ledge Double chair

The Dartmouth Ski Team hosts the alpine skiing events of the Dartmouth Winter Carnival there annually.

The Dartmouth Review

Conservative newspaper at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States.

Cover of The Dartmouth Review

Prior to the event, the shanties had been deemed illegal by the Hanover Police Department and the College had requested that the protesters vacate the Green prior to the traditional festivities of the Dartmouth Winter Carnival.

Dartmouth College Greek organizations

Host to many Greek organizations, and a significant percentage of the undergraduate student body is active in Greek life.

Alpha Chi Alpha, 2007
Dartmouth Hall, circa 1834
The second physical plant of Kappa Kappa Kappa, located at 22 North College Street and occupied by the fraternity from 1894 to 1924. The fraternity added the "goat room" (meeting room) at the rear.
Dartmouth Beta House, circa 1920, would later become home to the Tucker Foundation.
Delta Tau Delta, shown here circa 1915, would in 1960 become today's Bones Gate fraternity.
Dartmouth Beta House, 2009
Bones Gate, 2007
Gamma Delta Chi, 2007
Theta Delta Chi, 2007
Tri-Kap, 2007
Sigma Phi Epsilon, 2007
Sigma Nu, 2007
Phi Delta Alpha, 1986
Chi Gamma Epsilon, 2007
Chi Heorot, 2007
Psi Upsilon, 2007
Zeta Psi, 2007
Alpha Xi Delta, 2011
Epsilon Kappa Theta, 2007
Kappa Delta Epsilon, 2007
Kappa Kappa Gamma, 2007
Sigma Delta, 2007
Chi Delta, 2007
Alpha Theta, 2007
The Tabard, 2007
Phi Tau, 2007
Alpha Delta, 2007
Delta Kappa Epsilon, circa 1915
The brotherhood and physical plant of Lambda Chi Alpha in the 1922 Dartmouth College yearbook, The Aegis
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2007
Phi Gamma Delta, circa 1915
Phi Kappa Psi, circa 1915

The Dartmouth chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha sponsors an annual step performance known as the Green Key StepShow.

Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

Cabin complex at the base of Mount Moosilauke in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Old Lodge (1938–2016), the former main building of the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge complex

The lodge is open from May to mid-November, with two weeks starting in the end of August reserved for the Dartmouth First-Year Trips.

Ernest Fox Nichols

American educator and physicist.

Many of the college's most cherished institutions and traditions took shape during the Nichols administration, including the Dartmouth Outing Club and Winter Carnival.

Toga party

Greco-Roman-themed costume party where attendees wear a toga with sandals.

Women in makeshift toga outfits
Attendees in various colored togas

Chris Miller, who was one of the writers of Animal House, attended Dartmouth College where the toga party was a popular costume event at major fraternity parties (such as Winter Carnival and Green Key Weekend) during the late 1950s and early 1960s.