Headquarters of the Royal Society in Carlton House Terrace in London
David Wales at the Royal Society admissions day in London, July 2016
Isaac Newton was one of the earliest fellows of the Royal Society, elected in 1672.
Stephen Hawking was elected a fellow in 1974
Bill Bryson was elected an Honorary Member in 2013
David Attenborough was elected a fellow in 1983, under former statute 12
Brian Cox, a professor of physics, was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 2016 having previously held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (URF) from 2005 to 2013

David John Wales (born 1963) FRS FRSC is a professor of Chemical Physics, in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

- David J. Wales

University research fellowships (URFs) Royal Society University Research Fellowships are for outstanding scientists in the UK who are in the early stages of their research career and have the potential to become leaders in their field. Previous holders of URFs to have been elected FRS at a later date include Richard Borcherds (1994), Jean Beggs (1998), Frances Ashcroft (1999), Athene Donald (1999) and John Pethica (1999). More recent awardees include Terri Attwood, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Brian Cox, Sarah Bridle, Shahn Majid, Tanya Monro, Beth Shapiro, David J. Wales and Katherine Willis.

- Fellow of the Royal Society
Headquarters of the Royal Society in Carlton House Terrace in London

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