Decision support system

decision supportdecision support systemsdecision enginegroup decision support systemsDecision Support System (DSS)Decision Support Systems (DSS)decision support tooldecision support softwaredecision support techniquesdecision support tools
A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities.wikipedia
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Information system

information systemscomputer information systemssystems
A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities.
There are various types of information systems, for example: transaction processing systems, decision support systems, knowledge management systems, learning management systems, database management systems, and office information systems.

Decision-making software

Decision making softwaredecision-makingdecision
Some decision support systems include a DM software component.

Executive information system

Executive Information SystemsEISExecutive dashboard
In the middle and late 1980s, executive information systems (EIS), group decision support systems (GDSS), and organizational decision support systems (ODSS) evolved from the single user and model-oriented DSS.
It is commonly considered a specialized form of decision support system (DSS).

Data warehouse

data warehousingdata warehousesEnterprise Data Warehouse
Beginning in about 1990, data warehousing and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) began broadening the realm of DSS.
The main source of the data is cleansed, transformed, catalogued, and made available for use by managers and other business professionals for data mining, online analytical processing, market research and decision support.


decision makingdecisionsdecision
A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities.

Decision tree

decision treesdecision rulesRegression trees
A decision tree is a decision support tool that uses a tree-like model of decisions and their possible consequences, including chance event outcomes, resource costs, and utility.

Intelligent decision support system

Intelligent decision support systemsIDSSintelligent decision support
DSSs which perform selected cognitive decision-making functions and are based on artificial intelligence or intelligent agents technologies are called intelligent decision support systems (IDSS)
An intelligent decision support system (IDSS) is a decision support system that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

Precision agriculture

precision farmingAgriculturebiophysical parameter retrieval
Precision agriculture seeks to tailor decisions to particular portions of farm fields.
The goal of precision agriculture research is to define a decision support system (DSS) for whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources.

Clinical decision support system

clinical decision supportdiagnostic toolsMedical decision support systems
One example is the clinical decision support system for medical diagnosis.
This implies that a CDSS is simply a decision support system that is focused on using knowledge management in such a way so as to achieve clinical advice for patient care based on multiple items of patient data.


For example, the DSSAT4 package, developed through financial support of USAID during the 80s and 90s, has allowed rapid assessment of several agricultural production systems around the world to facilitate decision-making at the farm and policy levels.
The Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) is a set of computer programs for simulating agricultural crop growth.

Decision theory

decision sciencestatistical decision theorydecision sciences
The practical application of this prescriptive approach (how people ought to make decisions) is called decision analysis and is aimed at finding tools, methodologies, and software (decision support systems) to help people make better decisions.

Decision intelligence

Decision engineering
The nascent field of decision engineering treats the decision itself as an engineered object, and applies engineering principles such as design and quality assurance to an explicit representation of the elements that make up a decision.
Despite decades of development of decision support system and methodologies (like decision analysis), these are still less popular than spreadsheets as primary tools for decision-making.

Spatial decision support system

An SDSS is sometimes referred to as a policy support system, and comprises a decision support system (DSS) and a geographic information system (GIS).

Dashboard (business)

dashboarddashboardsdigital dashboard
Executive dashboard and other business performance software allow faster decision making, identification of negative trends, and better allocation of business resources.
The idea of digital dashboards followed the study of decision support systems in the 1970s.

Vicki Sauter

Sauter, V. L.
Vicki Lynn Sauter (born 1955) is an American management scientist and systems engineer known for her books on decision support systems.

Knowledge-based systems

knowledge systemsKnowledge-based systemknowledge based system
DSSs include knowledge-based systems.


managerBusiness Managementmanagers
The advent of more and better reporting technologies has seen DSS start to emerge as a critical component of management design.