German number plate, current format (FE-style)
1-letter area code Z for Zwickau
2-letter area code TR for Trier
3-letter area code CUX for Cuxhaven
Number plate in post-1994 format (FE-style)
Number plate in pre-1994 format (DIN-style), no longer issued but still in use.
Number plate with few characters, hence shorter than standard 520×110
Number plate for motorcycles, issued until 2011 (280×200)
Small number plate (255×130)
Map of German districts and their licence plate codes
Licence plate from the municipality of Büsingen, 1970s
Bus with repeater plate, due to the bike carrier
This plate from Frankfurt am Main bears the letters F ST, whereas FS T may be found on a vehicle from Freising
Very old example of a personalised plate, from Kiel
Example of banned combination (NS) which was issued accidentally.
Example of permitted combination AC-AB
Licence plate of a police car in Saxony
Fake number plate, seemingly from Munich but obviously not correct, due to the umlaut and the leading digit 0
Several shops advertising Schilder (plates), in the street of the registration authority
Example of a defaced plate – notice how the bottom seal is completely gone, due to scraping. From Kronach.
Plate of the German Chancellor
Bundeswehr (armed forces)
Bundesfinanzverwaltung (customs)
Vehicle of Baden-Württemberg state government
Bundespost vehicle, 1960s/70s, with old-style BP plate
Plate for tax-exempt vehicles
Plate for dealer′s cars (red colour, old DIN-style) for test drives.
Plate for vintage car collector
Plate for a specific vintage car
Plate for Plug-in electric vehicle
Seasonal number plate, here valid from 1 April to 31 October of each year
Interchangeable licence plate (Wechselkennzeichen)
Temporary plate (Kurzzeit-Kennzeichen); this one was valid until 9 March 2004
Licence Plate from Thuringia (1930s)
Army vehicle
occupation 1947 licence plate
“HK” number plate
Trabant with East Berlin licence plate
Number plate in the 1956 style, from Hannover
Citroen 2CV registered in Erfurt; pre-1994 typeface
Überlingen licence plate, reintroduced in Bodenseekreis in 2020
Insurance plates; the colour of the letters is changed every year.
Car with maximum speed reduced to 25 km/h, hence using an insurance plate.
Licence plate with part-plastic (1964); plate and area code are embossed whereas the identifier characters (J 5) are riveted on
All-plastic plate (2008)
Plastic licence plate (2013), characters clipped on
thumb|Detailed view of all-metal plate, characters partly worn off
FCN sticker on a licence plate (not exactly legal)
thumb|N plate with two middle letters from Nuremberg (Nürnberg) city
thumb|N plate with one middle letter from Nürnberger Land district
thumb|Two plates with {{lang|de|umlaut}}s, from Göttingen and Würzburg
Registration seal, City of Duisburg, pre-1994 version with city arms
Registration seal, City of Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, post-1994 version with state emblem
Registration seal (Coburg district, Bavaria)
Safety test sticker
Emission test sticker (1985—2010)
Safety test (here: valid until June 2007) and registration seal ({{lang|de|Fürth|italic=no}}, Bavaria)
Bundeswehr registration seal with the Bundesadler
{{lang|de|Bier}} means beer, of course…
…and {{lang|de|Geld}} means money
Guess which music this driver likes
Dial 110 for police
Official registered vehicle for {{lang|de|Technisches Hilfswerk}} (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief)
{{lang|de|Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes|italic=no}}, here: South Office in {{lang|de|Würzburg|italic=no}}
Bundesgrenzschutz licence plate, old-style code BG, no longer issued
{{lang|de|Bundespolizei}} (Federal Police), code BP in use since 2005
Diplomatic plate, Indonesian embassy in Berlin
Plate for diplomatic employee, French embassy in Berlin
Consular corps plate in Hamburg
Special plate for vehicles to be exported ({{lang|de|Ausfuhrkennzeichen}})
Former special plate for vehicles to be exported ({{lang|de|Zollkennzeichen}}, customs plate) — no longer in use. It was replaced by the {{lang|de|Ausfuhrkennzeichen}} in the 1980s
Car with a combination of interchangeable and historic plate
Licence plate from Bavaria, American occupation zone
Licence plate from Schleswig-Holstein, British occupation zone
Licence plate from Saxony,{{efn|Saxony was abbreviated L for Leipzig, to avoid infamous SS.}} Soviet occupation zone

Car registration

- Districts of Germany

These letters formerly coincided with the German districts.

- Vehicle registration plates of Germany

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