Dodge 100 "Commando"

Dodge 100 (1980)
Dodge-Renault 100 Mk 2 with double badging

The Dodge 100 "Commando" models also known as Dodge Commando 100 Series are 7.5 - 28 ST trucks built by Dodge in England, primarily in the 1970s and 1980s.

- Dodge 100 "Commando"

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Renault Trucks

French commercial truck manufacturer with corporate headquarters at Saint-Priest near Lyon.

Renault Midliner with Club of Four cab, late 1990s model
Renault Trucks T
Renault Trucks D
Renault Kerax as service vehicle at 2004 Dakar Rally
Renault Tracer bus
Renault FR1 bus

Dodge 100

Chrysler Europe

The American automotive company Chrysler's operations in Europe from 1967 through 1979.

Chrysler 180 (1970)
Chrysler Alpine (1975)
Chrysler Sunbeam (1977)
Chrysler Horizon (1978)

Commer Commando/Dodge 100 (1970-89), successor to previous Karrier/Commer light/medium trucks


American brand of automobiles and a division of Stellantis, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

1915 Model 30-35 touring car
Dodge Brothers delivery trucks, Salt Lake City, 1920
M1918 light repair truck G10, likely U.S. Army (Field Artillery Journal Sep-Oct 1920)
1927 Dodge Brothers Series 124 sedan
Store front of Dodge Brothers Motor Cars & Graham Brothers Trucks dealer, ca. 1920–1935
Dodge aimed for the luxury market in this advertisement for the 1933 model Eight
1939 Dodge Airflow Texaco tanker truck
Dodge D11 Luxury Liner 4-Door Sedan 1939
1946 Dodge Custom 4-door sedan
1956 Dodge Coronet
1946 Dodge FK6 bus
Remains of Dalai Lama's Dodge car. Lhasa, 1993
1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer hardtop coupe
1967 Dodge Coronet 440 sedan
Dodge Charger
1977 Dodge Diplomat sedan
1976 Dart 4-door sedan
1981–82 Aries Special Edition
1981 Dodge Diplomat coupe
1985–1989 Dodge Aries coupe
1987–1991 Dodge Daytona
1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z
The pre-production Dodge Viper (SR I) as the pace car for the 1991 Indianapolis 500.
1990–1992 Dodge Monaco LE
1991 Dodge Spirit R/T
Rear view
Cab Forward Design on a 1996 Dodge Stratus
2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 sedan
2004–2006 Dodge Stratus sedan
Rear view
1934 Dodge K-34 stake bed truck
1989 Dodge Ram pickup
2001–2004 Dodge Grand Caravan
An Argentine Dodge Polara, produced from 1968 to 1980
Australian produced 1960 Dodge Phoenix
1956 Dodge Coronet

Some Dodge 500s were given Commer badges, whilst the 100 series "Commando" light truck (1970–1989) developed by Rootes was initially marketed under all five marques.

Dodge 500

Heavy duty truck introduced in 1964 and built in the United Kingdom by Dodge.

1968 Dodge K, originally sold as the "500"

Those desiring lighter capacity trucks were directed to the Dodge 100.

List of Renault vehicles

List of vehicles produced by Renault.

Renault 4CV Belgium AA
Initiale Paris
IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) 2013

100 Series (1979–1989)

Dodge 50 Series

The Dodge 50 Series, later known as the Renault 50 Series, were light commercial vehicles produced in the UK by Chrysler Europe and later Renault Véhicules Industriels between 1979 and 1993 as a replacement for the earlier Commer FC series of full-size vans.

Dodge 50 with refrigeration unit for "Benna"-Milk in Malta
Renault Dodge 50 "B56" (5600kg) with crew-cab and box body, formerly of British Gas, seen here working for Aid Convoy on a humanitarian project to the former Yugoslavia.
4x4 Reynolds Boughton RB44 of the British Army

They continued to manufacture the 50 Series, along with the small Dodge (formerly Commer) Spacevan, and the large Dodge 100 / Commando 2 Series of 7500 - 23000 kg trucks.

Kaisis Motor Company

Vehicle manufacturer in Cyprus, in business between 1973 and the late 1980s.

Photo of the abandoned factory which was completed right before the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974 but was caught in the UN buffer zone after the ceasefire. A derelict truck can be seen on the roof of the office block on the left.
Abandoned KMC waste collection vehicle.This model was based on the Dodge 100 Commando.
Abandoned KMC bus.
''KMC waste collection vehicle still in use.

The company produced several other vehicle types, including a number of van and bus designs (such as the Commer/Dodge PB SpaceVan series, the Dodge Walk-thru van range and the Dodge Commando series) and a 6x6 military truck.

List of Dodge vehicles

List of current and past production automobiles carrying the Dodge brand name.

Dodge Logo (2016–)

Dodge 100 series (Europe, 1972–1987)