Duct (anatomy)

ductductsintercalated ductductusintralobular ductstriated ductDuctalductulesGland ductintralobular ducts
In anatomy and physiology, a duct is a circumscribed channel leading from an exocrine gland or organ.wikipedia
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The endocrine system secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream, typically via fenestrated capillaries, whereas the exocrine system secretes its hormones indirectly using ducts.

King George whiting

Sillaginodes punctatusKing GeorgeSillaginodes
There are no duct-like processes on the ventral surface unlike taxa in the genus Sillago.

ICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities

ICD-10 Chapter Q: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalitiesICD-10 Chapter QICD-10 Chapter XICD-10 code

Periampullary cancer

ampullary cancer
Periampullary cancer is a cancer that forms near the ampulla of Vater, an enlargement of the ducts from the liver and pancreas where they join and enter the small intestine.


The pair of testes of the insect are connected to the aedeagus through the genital ducts.

Ductal lavage

The procedure involves inserting a catheter (tube) into the nipple, which releases a small amount of salt water into the duct.

Lacrimal gland

lacrimal glandslacrimaltear glands
The central lumen of many of the units converge to form intralobular ducts, and then they unite to form interlobular ducts.

Ring-tailed lemur

LemurRing tailed lemurLemur catta
The spur develops with age through the accumulation of secretions from an underlying gland that may connect through the skin through as many as a thousand minuscule ducts.

Abortion–breast cancer hypothesis

link between abortion and breast cancerabortion and breast cancerabortion – breast cancer hypothesis


Genitography is the radiography of the urogenital sinus and internal duct structures after injection of a contrast medium through the opening of the sinus.

Entobdella soleae

soleae'' is encompassed by tegument that contains perforations of numerous rod-carrying ducts through pepper-pot apertures and ducts of spheroidal secretory bodies.


4Q108 (4QCant c 4QCant c
The manner of composition (ductus) of the letters aleph and shin differs between the manuscripts.

Club-foot whiting

Sillago chondropusSillaginopodysSillaginopodys chondropus
The organ has no duct like process stemming from the ventral surface unlike other species of the family Sillaginidae.


Gräfenberg spotG spotG-spot amplification
Because of these factors, it has been argued that the G-spot is a system of glands and ducts located within the anterior (front) wall of the vagina.

Bulbourethral gland

Cowper's glandBulbo-urethral glandbulbourethral
Each lobule consists of a number of acini, lined by columnar epithelial cells, opening into a duct that joins with the ducts of other lobules to form a single excretory duct.

Bay whiting

Sillago ingenuua
There is a single, poorly developed posterior projection and a poorly developed duct like process on the ventral surface.


A unique duct-like process is present from the ventral surface of the swimbladder to just before the urogenital opening in most species.

Boutan's whiting

Sillago boutani
The ventral surface of the bladder has a narrow duct like process extending to the urogenital opening.


lacrimal functional unitLACRT
By flowing downstream through ducts, it may generate a 'proliferative field'.

Large-scale whiting

Sillago macrolepisSillaginopsSillaginops macrolepis
He found the juveniles to have well-developed swim bladders with no posterior or anterior extensions, but the duct like process well developed.


The VNO is an encased duct-like structure made of cartilage and is isolated from the air passing through the nasal cavity.