A report on Nils Asther and Duncan Sisters

Asther in 1930s by George Hurrell
L-R Rosetta and Vivian Duncan c. 1912
Asther by Alexander Binder in 1925
L-R Vivian and Rosetta Duncan c. 1912
The Duncan Sisters as Topsy and Eva, circa 1945

In 1930 Vivian married actor Nils Asther, who had co-starred with her and Rosetta in the film version of Topsy and Eva. Rosetta (who was lesbian) attempted a solo career for a few years, but was rejoined with Vivian in 1932 after Vivian's divorce from Asther.

- Duncan Sisters

In August 1930, Nils entered a lavender marriage with Vivian Duncan, one of his Topsy and Eva co-stars.

- Nils Asther
Asther in 1930s by George Hurrell

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