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Scheme for ensuring the inter-operation of computer-based systems.


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Characteristic of a product or system to work with other products or systems.

Interoperability: playing the two role network game, when one of the player clients (top left) runs under Sun Microsystems and another under GNU Classpath with JamVM. The applications execute the same bytecode and interoperate using the standard RMI-IIOP messages for communication

At least 30 international bodies and countries have implemented eGovernment-based interoperability framework initiatives called e-GIF while in the United States there is the NIEM initiative.


UK e-Government Metadata Standard.

In the 21st century, metadata typically refers to digital forms, but traditional card catalogs contain metadata, with cards holding information about books in a library (author, title, subject, etc.).

The e-GMS formed part of the e-Government Metadata Framework (e-GMF) and eGovernment Interoperability Framework (e-GIF).

Open standard

Standard that is openly accessible and usable by anyone.

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The E-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) defines open standard as royalty free according to the following text:

Jadu (company)

Global provider of low-code Web Experience Management software, specialising in Web CMS, Forms, Portal and Customer Case Management tools for the enterprise.

A diagram showing how the user interacts with application software on a typical desktop computer. The application software layer interfaces with the operating system, which in turn communicates with the hardware. The arrows indicate information flow.

Based on the e-GIF standards, and using XForms, the system was deployed at the beginning of the first acceptance and adoption of open source platforms within Government.

Government Secure Intranet

United Kingdom government wide area network, whose main purpose is to enable connected organisations to communicate electronically and securely at low protective marking levels.

The design of GSi partly supported the then developing eGIF interoperability standards.