Suite of XML-based messaging standards that facilitate emergency information sharing between government entities and the full range of emergency-related organizations.


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OASIS (organization)

Nonprofit consortium that works on the development, convergence, and adoption of open standards for cybersecurity, blockchain, Internet of things (IoT), emergency management, cloud computing, legal data exchange, energy, content technologies, and other areas.

OASIS Burlington office
OASIS Burlington office building

CIQ — Customer Information Quality, is an XML Specifications for defining, representing, interoperating and managing party information (e.g. name, address).

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

Architecture that unifies the United States' Emergency Alert System, National Warning System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and NOAA Weather Radio, under a single platform.

Architecture of IPAWS.

The system uses open standard digital formats such as the EDXL-based Common Alerting Protocol v1.2 for its messages, allowing for interoperable dissemination to a wide range of third party receivers.