East Capitol Street

East Capitol Street at its intersection with 8th Street, looking towards the U.S. Capitol

Major street that divides the northeast and southeast quadrants of Washington, D.C. It runs due east from the United States Capitol to the DC-Maryland border.

- East Capitol Street

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Northeast (Washington, D.C.)

Northeastern quadrant of Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States.

Northeast (Washington DC) Gallaudet University
Northeast (Washington DC) Trinity Washington University
Northeast (Washington DC) Basilica of the National Srine of the Immaculate Conception
Northeast (Washington DC) Amtrak Coach Yard and the WMATA Brentwood Rail Yard
Northeast (Washington DC) National Arboretum

It encompasses the area located north of East Capitol Street and east of North Capitol Street.

Southeast (Washington, D.C.)

Southeast (Washington DC) The Yards Park at the Antacostia River Front
Southeast (Washington DC) Nationals Park Looking Northwest
Southeast (Washington DC) RFK Stadium
Southeast (Washington DC) South Capitol St & Solar Panel Farm

Southeast (SE or S.E.) is the southeastern quadrant of Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, and is located south of East Capitol Street and east of South Capitol Street.

Maryland Route 214

State highway in the U.S. state of Maryland.

MD 214 westbound at the US 301 interchange in Bowie
View west along MD 214 at MD 468 in Mayo
MD 214 westbound across the Patuxent River
MD 214 westbound viewed from Harry S Truman Drive in Largo

Known for most of its length as Central Avenue, the highway runs 24.97 mi from Southern Avenue and East Capitol Street at the District of Columbia boundary in Capitol Heights east to Beverley Beach.

Lincoln Park (Washington, D.C.)

Largest urban park located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. It was known historically as Lincoln Square.

Lincoln Hospital during the Civil War
The Emancipation Memorial by Thomas Ball
A larger-than-life-size statue of African American educator and activist Mary McLeod Bethune

The park is bounded by 11th Street NE and SE on the west, 13th Street NE and SE on the east, East Capitol Street NE on the North, and East Capitol Street SE on the south.

Whitney Young Memorial Bridge

The Whitney Young Bridge from the south in 2015
Whitney Young Memorial Bridge (center of image) leading from RFK Stadium across Lake Kingman and Kingman Island to the eastern shore of the Anacostia River, pictured in 1991
Aerial view of the East Capitol Street Bridge (now the Whitney Young) in 1955
A photograph of the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge leading to RFK stadium in 1965, before the 1980 reconstruction.
Underside of the bridge in 2015
The bridge from the water in 2018

The Whitney Young Memorial Bridge is a bridge that carries East Capitol Street across the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. in the United States.

Terminating vista

Building or monument that stands at the end or in the middle of a road, so that when one is looking up the street the view ends with the site.

The Presidential Office Building in Taipei serves as the terminating vista for Ketagalan Boulevard.
The Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto completes the terminating vista of University Avenue.
Rotorua Museum is the terminating vista of the main walkway through Government Gardens in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Another well-known example is Washington, D.C., where, most notably, the United States Capitol provides the terminating vista for North, South, and East Capitol Streets, as well as the National Mall and either side of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania Avenues (which are all bisected by the Capitol, turning into pedestrian walkways around the edifice).

Capitol Heights station

Island-platformed Washington Metro station in Capitol Heights, Maryland, United States.

Providing service for the Blue and Silver Lines, the station is located at 133 Central Avenue in a residential area at East Capitol Street and Southern Avenue SE.

Benning Road station

Island-platformed Washington Metro station in the Benning Ridge neighborhood of Northeast Washington, D.C., United States.

Providing service for the Blue and Silver Lines, the station is located in a residential area near the intersection of Benning Road and East Capitol Street.

Inner Loop (Washington, D.C.)

Two planned freeways around downtown Washington, D.C. The innermost loop would have formed an oval centered on the White House, with a central freeway connecting the southern segment to the northern segment and then continuing on to Interstate 95.

The interchange between US 131, M-6 and 68th Street in Cutlerville, Michigan, United States, shows many of the features of controlled-access highways: entry and exit ramps, median strips for opposing traffic, no at-grade intersections and no direct access to properties.

A second loop was an arc across the northern section of the city, beginning at East Capitol Street at the Anacostia River and using the Missouri Avenue NW and Nebraska Avenue NW commercial corridors to terminate in Georgetown.

Jefferson Memorial

Presidential memorial built in Washington, D.C. between 1939 and 1943 under the sponsorship of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Jefferson Memorial pictured from across the Tidal Basin at dusk.
Jefferson Memorial interior
Under construction in 1941, as seen from across the Tidal Basin
The monument's marble steps, portico, and circular colonnade of Ionic order columns, and shallow dome.
The Memorial's pediment features an Adolph Alexander Weinman sculpture of the Committee of Five
Interior columns and walls
Detail of the statue
Rudulph Evans's statue of Thomas Jefferson with excerpts from the Declaration of Independence to the right
Washington Monument and surrounding Tidal Basin.
Main entry
Portico ceiling
Bronze statue and dome ceiling
Dome ceiling and frieze
Exterior columns
"We Hold These Truths"
"God Who Gave Us Life"
"I Am Not an Advocate for Frequent Changes ..."
"Almighty God Hath Created the Mind Free ..."
Thousands of people visit the Memorial each year.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial sunset
Washington Monument in background
Tidal Basin view, March 2016
thumb|Jefferson Memorial, Looking NE
thumb|Jefferson Memorial at Night
thumb|Jefferson Memorial, Looking North

One was on the Anacostia River at the end of East Capitol Street; one at Lincoln Park; one on the south side of the National Mall across from the National Archives; and one situated on the Tidal Basin, directly south of the White House.