A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station
A door step plate from a unit of London Underground 1973 Stock, built by Metro-Cammell
A Metro Cammell MLR EMU
SP1900 EMU at Fo Tan station
Second class coach of 1854, built by Joseph Wright and Sons, now in Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
Sheung Shui station platform
Flirt II, a WWI Mark IV "Female" tank, built by Metropolitan
Tai Po Market station concourse
British Rail Class 156 "Super Sprinter" diesel multiple unit
Sha Tin station platform
London Underground 1973 Stock
Now-defunct platform of Hung Hom station, which served as the southern terminus before the extension to Admiralty
London Underground 1995 Stock
First Class area in Hyundai Rotem EMU on the East Rail line
Glasgow Subway metro train
MTR East Rail Metro Cammell EMU (as refurbished 1996–1999)
The Birmingham International maglev shuttle 1984–1995

The company designed and built trains for the railways in the United Kingdom and overseas, including the Mass Transit Railway of Hong Kong, Kowloon–Canton Railway (now East Rail line), the Channel Tunnel, and the Tyne and Wear Metro, and locomotives for Malaysia's Keretapi Tanah Melayu.

- Metro-Cammell

The development finished in sections between 1982 and 1983, with new Metro Cammell EMUs, manufactured by Metro-Cammell in England, replacing diesel locomotives.

- East Rail line

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Major public transport network serving :Hong Kong.

Major public transport network serving :Hong Kong.

"Preferred system" route map in 1970
Modified Initial System's route map
An Airport Express train
The Tseung Kwan O line was opened in 2002 to serve new housing developments. Pictured is Po Lam station, the northern terminus of the line.
The multiple cross-platform-interchange system between Tiu Keng Leng station and Yau Tong station
A Disneyland Resort line train at Disneyland Resort station
Maritime Square, one of the major properties financing the MTR
MTR's high-speed rail service was launched on 23 September 2018. The image shows an MTR Vibrant Express train at Guangzhou South railway station
The future MTR map once all current projects are completed
Development of Hong Kong's railways (MTR)
Schöma diesel locomotives as used by MTR for work trains
One of the double-decker feeder buses run by KMB
Compartment for new signalling equipment on an MTR train
MTR Headquarters Building, Telford Gardens
Platform screen doors at Tung Chung station
Live art performances in the subway connecting Hong Kong station and Central station
Mainland Chinese parallel traders outside Sheung Shui station
Citizens trying to stop the gate from closing at Kwun Tong station on 24 August 2019, when a protest has just started nearby. They were also demanding the senior management of MTR to come out and provide a valid reason for the closure of stations.
An MTR ticket gate with an Octopus reader
Ticket and add-value machines

After the merger, the MTR network included three more lines—East Rail line, West Rail line, and Ma On Shan line (now the Tuen Ma line)—as well as the light rail network and Guangdong through train to Guangzhou.

The M-stock (or "CM-stock") of M-Train are the oldest trains on the MTR, built originally by Metro-Cammell (now Alstom) and refurbished by United Goninan.

A refurbished MLR train at station

MTR Metro Cammell EMU (AC)

A refurbished MLR train at station
A Metro Cammell EMU train in original form, taken in August 1993.
MLR-Train E67-E114 seen departing from Tai Wai Station on the final day of its regular revenue-earning service on 31 March 2022 before being allocated to the reserve fleet.
Refurbished Metro Cammell EMU in August 2008
MTR Metro Cammell EMU at Lo Wu
First class seating in a MTR Metro Cammell EMU
LED screen at top of window
Refurbishment plaque
KCR Metro Cammell EMU at Tai Wai
Unrefurbished E44 unit (144-244-444) stored at Ho Tung Lau Depot
MTR Metro Cammell EMU (AC) seen next to its replacement, the Hyundai Rotem R-Train, at University Station in December 2021
MTR Metro Cammell EMU (AC) exiting the Beacon Hill Tunnel and arriving at Kowloon Tong Station
The last MLR train prepares to depart Sha Tin station for the final time
Southbound MLR-Train (right) and northbound R-Train (left) at Kowloon Tong
alt=|Two of the final five sets of MLR-Trains passing by each other south of University Station while serving special runs to Mongkok East during the evening peak hours in its second last week of service.
alt=|MLR-Train arriving at Hung Hom Terminus during its last week of service.
alt=|E112-71 arriving at Hung Hom platform 1 for its last run to Shatin at 1300 on 6 May 2022

The East Rail line Metro Cammell EMU (also known as Mid-Life Refurbishment Train or MLR Train) was a model of electric multiple unit built in 1980-1990 by Metro-Cammell for the original Kowloon–Canton Railway (now the East Rail line) in Hong Kong.