A report on East Rail line and Mind the gap

A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station
"Mind the gap" shaped tiling on the District line platform at Victoria station
A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station
The Central line platform at Bank station with a 1 ft gap between the train and the platform edge.
A Metro Cammell MLR EMU
A typical "mind the gap" warning sign found on the Toronto subway
SP1900 EMU at Fo Tan station
A former "Please mind the gap" sign on a Hong Kong MTR train
Sheung Shui station platform
"Mind the gap" sticker in an Athens Metro train, in both Greek and English
Tai Po Market station concourse
"Watch the gap" variant used on Metro-North in New York
Sha Tin station platform
Chinglish translation of "Mind the gap" becomes "Note that the level of gap" on a ferry dock in Shanghai.
Now-defunct platform of Hung Hom station, which served as the southern terminus before the extension to Admiralty
"Mind the gap" and "No smoking" notice at Hangzhou railway station
First Class area in Hyundai Rotem EMU on the East Rail line
Various decals in Toronto's subway system remind passengers to 'Mind the Gap.' The older design standard is shown on the right, with the newer 'Mind the Gap' design standard to the left and on the platform itself, at centre.
"Watch the gap" warning on an LIRR M7 Train and platform, at Penn Station.
"Mind the gap" doormat

On Hong Kong's MTR, the phrase "Please mind the gap" (請小心月台空隙) is announced in three languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. In recent years, a more elaborate version of the announcement, heard on some East Rail line stations with very curved platforms, says "Please mind the gap and be aware of the difference in levels between the platform and the train" (請小心空隙及留意月台與車廂地面嘅高低).

- Mind the gap

The wide platform gap at several stations (namely Lo Wu, Tai Wo, University, Kowloon Tong, and Mong Kok East) is a safety concern.

- East Rail line
A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station

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