A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station
Sha Tau Kok Railway viewed from Fanling station
A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station
Sha Tau Kok railway alignment 1915
A Metro Cammell MLR EMU
WG Bagnall built steam locomotive, used on former Sha Tau Kok Branch Line
SP1900 EMU at Fo Tan station
Map of Sha Tau Kok Railway under the modern road network (2022)
Sheung Shui station platform
Former Hung Leng Station of the Sha Tau Kok Railway. All other stations of this railway have been demolished.
Tai Po Market station concourse
Side view of former Hung Leng Station.
Sha Tin station platform
Information board at former Hung Leng Station.
Now-defunct platform of Hung Hom station, which served as the southern terminus before the extension to Admiralty
First Class area in Hyundai Rotem EMU on the East Rail line

East Rail was the only railway line of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) following the closure of the Sha Tau Kok Railway and before the construction of KCR West Rail (later renamed West Rail line, now part of the Tuen Ma line).

- East Rail line

Following the opening of British Section of the Kowloon–Canton Railway (mainline, now East Rail line) in 1911, local authorities in Tai Po District Office proposed the construction of railway branch to boundary town Sha Tau Kok, which was likely to increase the revenue of mainline considering the stable movement of villagers between Sha Tau Kok Market and Sham Chun Market (now Shenzhen).

- Sha Tau Kok Railway
A Hyundai Rotem R-train EMU at Fanling station

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Kowloon–Canton Railway

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Railway network in Hong Kong.

Railway network in Hong Kong.

£100 bond issued as part of a £1.5 million loan for the Chinese section
South portal of (Old) Beacon Hill Tunnel in 1910
Extract from the Hongkong Government Gazette, 7 October 1910
Chinese and British officials celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the Chinese Section at the Canton Terminus in 1909
Early railway network of China
War Department Austerity 2-8-0 Locomotive acquired in 1947
Interior of a refurbished Metro-Cammell EMU on the East Rail line
Map of the KCR network before the railway merger (grey lines belong to the MTR network)
Interior of the SP1900 EMU, one of the newer trains on East Rail and West Rail lines
KCR Feeder Bus in service.
Opening Ceremony at Tsim Sha Tsui on 1 October 1910
Original route of KCR line in Kowloon
Acting Governor, Sir Henry May, and his wife inspect the tracks of the British Section at Lo Wu on 1 October 1910
Acting Governor, Sir Henry May, and guests at Lo Wu on 1 October 1910
One of the first two locomotives, built in 1909 by Kitson & Co.

Together with the construction of the Sha Tau Kok line, a two-foot narrow gauge branch railway from Fanling to Sha Tau Kok (making use of the rails and rolling stock used in the construction of the main line and later closed in April 1928), the final cost was HK$12,296,929, making it one of the most expensive railways in the world and, as costs escalated, the subject of much concern in both Hong Kong and London.

The railway was formally opened on Saturday, 1 October 1910, but without a terminus, this event being officially recorded by way of a notice in the following Friday's Hong Kong Government Gazette.