editors-in-chiefeditor in chiefeditornewspaper editorchief editoreditorsexecutive editoreditededitors in chiefco-editor-in-chief
An editor-in-chief, also known as lead editor or chief editor, is a publication's editorial leader who has final responsibility for its operations and policies.wikipedia
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Managing editor

senior editoreditormanaging
The highest ranking editor of a publication may also be titled editor, managing editor, or executive editor, but where these titles are held while someone else is editor-in-chief, the editor-in-chief outranks the others.
Typically, the managing editor reports directly to the editor in chief and oversees all aspects of the publication.


daily newspapernewspapersdaily
The term is often used at newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and television news programs.


The term is often used at newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and television news programs.


yearbook superlativesyearbooksYearbook Committee
The term is often used at newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and television news programs.

News broadcasting

newscasttelevision newsnews channel
The term is often used at newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and television news programs.

Academic journal

journaljournalsacademic journals
The term is also applied to academic journals, where the editor-in-chief gives the ultimate decision whether a submitted manuscript will be published.

Peer review

peer-reviewedpeer-reviewpeer reviewed
This decision is made by the editor-in-chief after seeking input from reviewers selected on a basis of relevant expertise.


Horace Greeley

Horace GreelyGreeleyGreeley, Horace
Horace Greeley (February 3, 1811 – November 29, 1872) was an American author and statesman who was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune, among the great newspapers of its time.

The Daily Beast

Daily BeastDaily Beast,The Cheat Sheet
In a 2015 interview, former editor-in-chief John Avlon described The Beasts editorial approach: "We seek out scoops, scandals, and stories about secret worlds; we love confronting bullies, bigots, and hypocrites."

Ian Hislop

Hislop, Ian
Ian David Hislop (born 13 July 1960) is a British journalist, satirist, writer, broadcaster, and editor of the magazine Private Eye.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe EditionOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Jim Shooter, Marvel's then editor-in-chief, conceived of the idea, envisioning a guide detailing statistics much in the manner of those found upon the backs of baseball cards.

Paul Levitz

75 Years of DC Comics75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern MythmakingPaul [Levitz
Paul Levitz (born October 21, 1956) is an American comic book writer, editor and executive.

W. T. Stead

William Thomas SteadWilliam T. SteadW.T. Stead
William Thomas Stead (5 July 1849 – 15 April 1912) was an English newspaper editor who, as a pioneer of investigative journalism, became a controversial figure of the Victorian era.

Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah WadeRebekahMrs Brooks’
Rebekah Mary Brooks (born 27 May 1968) is a British journalist and former newspaper editor.

Dennis Cooper

George Miles cycle
Dennis Cooper (born January 10, 1953) is an American novelist, poet, critic, editor and performance artist.

Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin McKenzie
Kelvin Calder MacKenzie (born 22 October 1946) is an English media executive and a former newspaper editor.

Steve Cuozzo

Steven D. Cuozzo
Steven D. Cuozzo (born January 17, 1950) is an American writer, newspaper editor, restaurant critic, real estate columnist, and op-ed contributor for the New York Post.

Thomas Franklin Fairfax Millard

Millard's Review of the Far EastMillardThe China Press
Thomas Franklin Fairfax Millard (born July 8, 1868 in Missouri; died September 7, 1942 in Seattle, Washington) was an American journalist, newspaper editor, founder of the China Weekly Review, author of seven influential books on the Far East and first American political adviser to the Chinese Republic, serving for over fifteen years.

Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam (born 1 August 1986) is a British political activist, former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London, and former chief adviser to former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage.

Jeff Rovin

Rovin, Jeff
Jeff Rovin is an American magazine editor, freelance writer, columnist, and author, who has appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Ursula Nordstrom

Ursula Nordstrom (February 2, 1910 – October 11, 1988) was publisher and editor-in-chief of juvenile books at Harper & Row from 1940 to 1973.