Edward Lear in 1866
Edward Lear in 1866
Lear by Wilhelm Marstrand
Masada on the Dead Sea, Edward Lear, 1858
Temple of Venus and Roma, Rome
Engraving of Celano
Lear in 1887, a year before his death. His arm was bent as he was holding his cat, Foss, who leapt away.
Lear's grave in San Remo, Italy where he is buried alongside Giorgio Cocali, "A Christian Albanian of Suli", "He was for 39 years the faithful servant and friend of Edward Lear".
Edward Lear sketches dated 15 May 1864, from Paddy Leigh Fermor's collection.
Howatke, by Edward Lear, 1867
The falls of the Kalama, Albania 1851
A Book of Nonsense (c. 1875 James Miller edition) by Edward Lear
Ara macao from his first book, Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots 1832
Chimpanzee, 1835
Eagle Owl, Edward Lear, 1837
Another Edward Lear owl, in his more familiar style
Lear self-portrait, illustrating a real incident when he encountered a stranger who claimed that "Edward Lear" was merely a pseudonym. Lear (on the right) is showing the stranger (left) the inside of his hat, with his name in the lining.
Illustration by Edward Lear for There was a Young Lady of Hull
A Weasel
Lithograph of Melfi, Italian city in the Basilicata region
Self-caricature (1870)

"The Scroobious Pip" is a nonsense verse poem left unfinished by Edward Lear at the time of his death in 1888.

- The Scroobious Pip

Illustrations by Nancy Ekholm Burkert were also added in 1968.

- The Scroobious Pip

Edward Lear and Ogden Nash, The Scroobious Pip (1968)

- Nancy Ekholm Burkert

The Scroobious Pip, unfinished at his death, but completed by Ogden Nash and illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert (1968)

- Edward Lear
Edward Lear in 1866

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