The West Germanic languages
Kleinhöflein im Burgenland at the foot of the Leitha Mountains
The Old Town Hall
Paul I in 1655
Joseph Weigl in 1829
Joseph Haydn in 1791
Robert Musil around 1900

The administrative center of the district is Eisenstadt (Željezno), itself a statutory city outside of the district.

- Eisenstadt-Umgebung District

The city is surrounded by the district (Bezirk) of Eisenstadt-Umgebung.

- Eisenstadt

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Easternmost and least populous state of Austria.

Easternmost and least populous state of Austria.

Unterwart Landscape ( East Styrian Hills )
Districts of Burgenland
The Ostrogothic Kingdom in Pannonia
Habsburg mortgages in Burgenland between the 15th and 17th centuries
The Kingdom of Hungary as divided into 3 parts
Protocoll of Venice from Oct.13.1921
A memorial in Krensdorf to soldiers who died in the two World Wars
Burgenland under Soviet administration, 1945-1955
Burgenland is part of Centrope, a project establishing a multinational region in four Central European states: Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.


Eisenstadt-Umgebung (Eisenstadt)