Kleinhöflein im Burgenland at the foot of the Leitha Mountains
The Old Town Hall
Paul I in 1655
Joseph Weigl in 1829
Joseph Haydn in 1791
Robert Musil around 1900

City in Austria, the state capital of Burgenland.

- Eisenstadt

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Eisenstadt Cathedral from the air

Eisenstadt Cathedral

Eisenstadt Cathedral from the air
The cathedral from the cathedral square

Eisenstadt Cathedral, otherwise St. Martin's Cathedral, previously St. Martin's Church (Dom St. Martin in Eisenstadt), is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria, dedicated to Saint Martin.

Austrian Jewish Museum

Austrian Jewish Museum

Austrian Jewish Museum
Samson Wertheimer´s private synagogue

The Austrian Jewish Museum is located on Unterbergstraße 6 in Eisenstadt, Austria.

in 2016

Andrea Fraunschiel

in 2016

Andrea Fraunschiel (8 May 1955 – 4 August 2019) was an Austrian politician who was a member of the Federal Council of Austria, member of the Landtag of Burgenland, and mayor of Eisenstadt.