Radio Tower in Yekaterinburg, Lunacharskogo 212
A radio mast base showing how virtually all lateral support is provided by the guy-wires
Loading coil in a cellphone antenna mounted on the roof of a car. The coil allows the antenna to be shorter than a quarter wavelength and still be resonant.
The Tokyo Skytree, the tallest freestanding tower in the world, in 2012
Vertical antenna which may be of any desired height : less than about one-half wavelength of the frequency at which the antenna operates. These antennas may operate either as transmitting or receiving antennas
Tokyo Tower
On the left, characteristics plotted from experimentally obtained data on coordinates with logarithmic abscissa. On the right, an antenna with increased effective inductance between the two points in accordance with the well known operation of shunt tuned circuits adjusted somewhat off resonance.
Multiwire broadcast T-antenna of early AM station WBZ, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1925.
Masts of the Rugby VLF transmitter near Rugby, England
A 3803 KM-type TV tower located in Penza
Typical 200 foot (61 m) triangular guyed lattice mast of an AM radio station in Mount Vernon, Washington, US
TV Tower in Stuttgart, Germany: the first reinforced-concrete TV tower.
Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran
Kamzík TV Tower, overlooking Bratislava, Slovakia.
This 100 ft tall cross conceals equipment for T-Mobile at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Lake Worth, Florida, US. Completed in December 2009.
Communications tower, at the horizon on the right, camouflaged as a tall tree.
Felsenegg-Girstel TV-tower
Uetliberg TV-tower
A radio amateur's do it yourself steel-lattice tower
Bergwacht antenna with a webcam mounted to aid in weather forecasting and observations of the Großer Feldberg plateau.
Radio tower in Jamshoro
The Desa Coalfields Antenna Tower, behind the trees, is the tallest antenna tower in Malaysia, with the height of 95.3 m, located at the front of the Sungai Buloh Prison

During the first 20 years of radio, long distance radio stations used long wavelengths in the very low frequency band, so even the tallest antennas were electrically short and had very low radiation resistance of 5-25 Ohms, causing excessive power losses in the ground system.

- Radio masts and towers

Because those radio waves are several hundred meters to many kilometers long, mast radiators of the necessary height cannot be realised economically.

- Electrical length
Radio Tower in Yekaterinburg, Lunacharskogo 212

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