Resonant stub tank circuits in vacuum tube backpack UHF transceiver, 1938. About 1/8 wavelength long: (left) 200 MHz stub is 19 cm, (right) 300 MHz stub is 12.5 cm
Loading coil in a cellphone antenna mounted on the roof of a car. The coil allows the antenna to be shorter than a quarter wavelength and still be resonant.
10 kW FM broadcast transmitter from 1947 showing quarter-wave resonant stub plate tank circuit
Vertical antenna which may be of any desired height : less than about one-half wavelength of the frequency at which the antenna operates. These antennas may operate either as transmitting or receiving antennas
In a stripline circuit, a stub may be placed just before an output connector to compensate for minor mismatches due to the device's output load or the connector itself.
On the left, characteristics plotted from experimentally obtained data on coordinates with logarithmic abscissa. On the right, an antenna with increased effective inductance between the two points in accordance with the well known operation of shunt tuned circuits adjusted somewhat off resonance.
A microstrip filter using butterfly stubs

Neglecting transmission line losses, the input impedance of the stub is purely reactive; either capacitive or inductive, depending on the electrical length of the stub, and on whether it is open or short circuit.

- Stub (electronics)

When one is concerned with the number of wavelengths, or phase, involved in a wave's transit across a segment of transmission line especially, one may simply specify that electrical length, while specification of a physical length, frequency, or velocity factor is omitted. The electrical length is then typically expressed as N wavelengths or as the phase φ expressed in degrees or radians. Thus in a microstrip design one might specify a shorted stub of 60° phase length, which will correspond to different physical lengths when applied to different frequencies. Or one might consider a 2 meter section of coax which has an electrical length of one quarter wavelength (90°) at 37.5 MHz and ask what its electrical length becomes when the circuit is operated at a different frequency.

- Electrical length

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