Elwood Haynes

Haynes' Francis Murphy Temperance pledge card
Boynton Hall at Worcester Technical Institute
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
A 1903 Haynes-Apperson car advertisement
A 1919 Haynes Automobile Company advertisement
Elwood Haynes, c. 1919
Haynes' Kokomo home

American inventor, metallurgist, automotive pioneer, entrepreneur and industrialist.

- Elwood Haynes

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Range of cobalt-chromium alloys designed for wear resistance.

Cobalt-chrome disc with dental bridges and crowns manufactured using WorkNC Dental

Invented by Elwood Haynes in the early 1900s as a material for making cutlery that wouldn't stain or require constant cleaning.

Stainless steel

Any of a group of that contain a minimum of approximately 11% chromium, a composition that largely inhibits the iron from rusting and provides heat-resistant properties.

Stainless steel is used for industrial equipment when it is important that the equipment lasts and can be kept clean
An announcement, as it appeared in the 1915 New York Times, of the development of stainless steel in Sheffield, England.
Monument to Harry Brearley at the former Brown Firth Research Laboratory in Sheffield, England
Stainless steel (bottom row) resists salt-water corrosion better than aluminium-bronze (top row) or copper-nickel alloys (middle row)
Stainless steel is not completely immune to corrosion as shown in this desalination equipment.
The nut on the left is not stainless steel and is rusty, unlike the nut on the right.
316L stainless steel, with an unpolished, mill finish

In 1912, Elwood Haynes applied for a US patent on a martensitic stainless steel alloy, which was not granted until 1919.

Kokomo, Indiana

City in Indiana and the county seat of Howard County, Indiana, United States.

Photograph of the Elliott House in the Old Silk Stocking Historic District
David Foster, Founder of Kokomo
Natural gas miners and their drill, near Kokomo, Indiana during the Indiana Gas Boom, c. 1885
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
1904 newspaper advertisement for Haynes-Apperson
Ryan White in 1989 at a fundraising event in Indianapolis
Location of the Kokomo-Peru CSA and its components:
Downtown Kokomo in 2008
City Hall and Police Department building.
Seiberling Mansion
Old Ben – Born in 1902 and acclaimed as "The largest steer in the world"
The Vermont Covered Bridge – Another attraction to be found in Highland Park
US 31 in Kokomo in 2005, now designated State Road 931.
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
U.S. 31 during winters near Kokomo

Among other achievements, Kokomo was a pioneer of the United States automobile manufacturing, with Elwood Haynes test-driving his early internal combustion engine auto there on July 4, 1894.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts.

John Boynton (left) and Ichabod Washburn (right).
Boynton Hall, WPI's main administrative building
Washburn Shops, where WPI's first hands-on classrooms and laboratories were built in the 19th century.
Sanford Riley Hall, the first residence hall built on campus (1927)
The Beech Tree stands at almost 100 feet tall
Earle Bridge
Higgins House
Foisie Innovation Studio, opened August 2018
Kaven Hall is home to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Goddard Hall, named for alum Robert H. Goddard
Higgins Laboratories
Alden Memorial is the main building for the performing arts at WPI, consisting of a performance hall, music rooms, music technology labs, and music robotics labs.
The Fountain at WPI. An anemometer adjusts the height of the water based on the wind velocity.
2008 WPI home game against Liberty League opponent, Union College.
A large bronze statue of Gompei the Goat stands proudly at the Quad.
Major SocComm activities are held at the Quad.
Sports and Recreation Center
Gompei the Goat
Charter of affiliation of the Wireless Association with the ARRL (1920).
Lesley Small and Jayne Rossetti in 2022, first women enrolled at WPI (class of 1972).
Robert H. Goddard
Elwood P. Haynes
Richard T. Whitcomb
Curtis R. Carlson
Dean Kamen
Gilbert Vernam
Naveen Selvadurai
A. Atwater Kent

Elwood Haynes (Class of 1881) was an early alumnus, prominent chemist and inventor and credited for aiding in the development of the automobile and the creation of stainless steel.

Indiana gas boom

Period of active drilling and production of natural gas in the Trenton Gas Field, in the US state of Indiana and the adjacent northwest part of Ohio.

Indiana Gas Field
Natural gas miners and their drill, near Kokomo, Indiana, c. 1885
Location of the Trenton Gas Field
A flambeau display in Indiana, with multiple large flames

The company hired Elwood Haynes as their superintendent and he oversaw the laying of the first long distance natural gas pipeline in the US, connecting Chicago with the Trenton Field over 150 mi away.

Portland, Indiana

City in and the county seat of Jay County, Indiana, United States.

Jay County Courthouse

Elwood Haynes (born in Portland, 1857) invented the clutch-driven automobile in 1894

Haynes Automobile Company

American automobile manufacturing company that produced automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1905 to 1924.

A 1916 Haynes
Advertisement for 1922 Haynes Brougham

Co-founder Elwood Haynes changed the name of the company after fellow co-founders Elmer and Edgar Apperson left to form the Apperson Brothers Automobile Company in 1901.


Manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1896 to 1905.

1903 phaeton
1894 Haynes-Apperson
1904 newspaper advertisement

Elwood Haynes, one of the founders, worked on early types of stainless steel and was the inventor of stellite, and many of the early advances in automobile technology were first invented by the company.

Automotive Hall of Fame

American museum.

Automotive Hall of Fame Logo

Elwood Haynes

Elwood Hillis

American politician and lawyer from Indiana.

His maternal grandfather and namesake, Elwood Haynes, was an inventor and automobile pioneer.