A report on Kokomo, Indiana and Elwood Haynes

Haynes' Francis Murphy Temperance pledge card
Boynton Hall at Worcester Technical Institute
Photograph of the Elliott House in the Old Silk Stocking Historic District
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
David Foster, Founder of Kokomo
A 1903 Haynes-Apperson car advertisement
Natural gas miners and their drill, near Kokomo, Indiana during the Indiana Gas Boom, c. 1885
A 1919 Haynes Automobile Company advertisement
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
Elwood Haynes, c. 1919
1904 newspaper advertisement for Haynes-Apperson
Haynes' Kokomo home
Ryan White in 1989 at a fundraising event in Indianapolis
Location of the Kokomo-Peru CSA and its components:
Downtown Kokomo in 2008
City Hall and Police Department building.
Seiberling Mansion
Old Ben – Born in 1902 and acclaimed as "The largest steer in the world"
The Vermont Covered Bridge – Another attraction to be found in Highland Park
US 31 in Kokomo in 2005, now designated State Road 931.
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
U.S. 31 during winters near Kokomo

After his death from complications arising from influenza, his Kokomo mansion was converted into the Elwood Haynes Museum and is open to the public where many of his original inventions and automobiles are on display.

- Elwood Haynes

Among other achievements, Kokomo was a pioneer of the United States automobile manufacturing, with Elwood Haynes test-driving his early internal combustion engine auto there on July 4, 1894.

- Kokomo, Indiana

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1903 phaeton


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1903 phaeton
1894 Haynes-Apperson
1904 newspaper advertisement

Haynes-Apperson Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1896 to 1905.

Elwood Haynes, one of the founders, worked on early types of stainless steel and was the inventor of stellite, and many of the early advances in automobile technology were first invented by the company.

Front of the house

Elwood Haynes Museum

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Front of the house

The Elwood Haynes Museum is a museum in the former mansion owned by Elwood Haynes located in Kokomo, Indiana.

Elwood Hillis

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American politician and lawyer from Indiana.

American politician and lawyer from Indiana.

Born in Kokomo, Indiana, Hillis attended Kokomo public schools.

His maternal grandfather and namesake, Elwood Haynes, was an inventor and automobile pioneer.