Haynes' Francis Murphy Temperance pledge card
John Boynton (left) and Ichabod Washburn (right).
Boynton Hall at Worcester Technical Institute
Boynton Hall, WPI's main administrative building
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
Washburn Shops, where WPI's first hands-on classrooms and laboratories were built in the 19th century.
A 1903 Haynes-Apperson car advertisement
Sanford Riley Hall, the first residence hall built on campus (1927)
A 1919 Haynes Automobile Company advertisement
The Beech Tree stands at almost 100 feet tall
Elwood Haynes, c. 1919
Earle Bridge
Haynes' Kokomo home
Higgins House
Foisie Innovation Studio, opened August 2018
Kaven Hall is home to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Goddard Hall, named for alum Robert H. Goddard
Higgins Laboratories
Alden Memorial is the main building for the performing arts at WPI, consisting of a performance hall, music rooms, music technology labs, and music robotics labs.
The Fountain at WPI. An anemometer adjusts the height of the water based on the wind velocity.
2008 WPI home game against Liberty League opponent, Union College.
A large bronze statue of Gompei the Goat stands proudly at the Quad.
Major SocComm activities are held at the Quad.
Sports and Recreation Center
Gompei the Goat
Charter of affiliation of the Wireless Association with the ARRL (1920).
Lesley Small and Jayne Rossetti in 2022, first women enrolled at WPI (class of 1972).
Robert H. Goddard
Elwood P. Haynes
Richard T. Whitcomb
Curtis R. Carlson
Dean Kamen
Gilbert Vernam
Naveen Selvadurai
A. Atwater Kent

Using the money he had saved, Haynes decided to attend the college and enrolled in the Worcester Technical Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, in September 1878.

- Elwood Haynes

Elwood Haynes (Class of 1881) was an early alumnus, prominent chemist and inventor and credited for aiding in the development of the automobile and the creation of stainless steel.

- Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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