A fasces image, with the axe in the middle of the bundle of rods
(Legionary eagle), toga figure, and fasces on reverse side of coinage.
The Emancipation Memorial in 2014
Rome, cloister of San Paolo, outside wall: marble panel with the six facie bundles.
A postcard captioned "Lincoln Statue" depicts the Emancipation Memorial circa 1900.
Seal of the United States Senate with two fasces at bottom.
Detail from the masthead of The Liberator
The reverse of the Mercury dime, with a fasces
This early small demonstration version by Ball was purchased by Edward Francis Searles. It is now located in the atrium of the Methuen, Massachusetts Town Hall.
Emancipation Memorial
Ornate woodwork on railing in Minnesota Supreme Court Chamber.
War Flag of the Italian Social Republic
Eagle perched on fasces as adorned on caps and helmets of Fascist Italy
Fuselage roundel used on aircraft of the Italian air force during the Fascist period
Roundel used on the wings of aircraft of the Italian air force during the Fascist period
The unofficial but common National Emblem of France depicts a fasces, representing justice
Images from Les Grands Palais de France : Fontainebleau
Great Seal of France, 1848
Fasces bestride Speaker's rostrum in the House chamber of the US Capitol
Above the door leading out of the Oval Office
1989 US Congress Bicentennial commemorative coin reverse, depicting mace of the United States House of Representatives
The mace of the United States House of Representatives, designed to resemble a fasces
The seal of the United States Tax Court
The Lincoln Memorial with the fronts of the chair arms shaped to resemble fasces
Flanking the image of Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address memorial
The seal of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts
Above the door to Chicago's City Hall
The flag of the New York City borough of Brooklyn
At the entrance to San Francisco's Coit Tower
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the 18th MP Brigade
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the 42nd MP Brigade
Statue of George Washington at the site of his inauguration as first president of the United States, now occupied by Federal Hall National Memorial, includes a fasces to the subject's rear right
Horatio Stone's 1848 statue of Alexander Hamilton displays a fasces below Hamilton's hand
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of US Army Reserve Legal Command
Portion of The Apotheosis of Washington, a fresco mural suspended above the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building.
Regimental Coat of Arms of the United States Military Police Corps.
The coat of arms of the Swiss canton of St. Gallen has displayed the fasces since 1803
Flag of the National Fascist Party of Italy (1915 - 1945). Fascism used the fasces as its political symbol.
Greater coat of arms of Italy of 1929-1943, during the Fascist era, bearing the fasces
Fragment of the facade of the building of the Silesian Parliament in Katowice
The original flag of the British Union of Fascists
Emblem of the Guardia Civil, a law enforcement agency from Spain
The Grand Coat of Arms of Vilnius, Lithuania bearing the fasces
The emblem of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, bearing the fasces
The emblem of the Russian Federal Bailiffs Service, bearing the fasces
Insignia of the Philippine Constabulary, bearing the fasces
Coat of arms of the Batavian Republic, bearing the fasces
thumb|Coat of arms of the Swedish Police Authority.
thumb|Coat of arms of the Norwegian Police Service|alt=Coat of arms of the Norwegian Police Service.

The document rests on a plinth bearing patriotic symbols, including George Washington's profile, the fasces of the U.S. republic, and a shield emblazoned with the stars and stripes.

- Emancipation Memorial

On the podium of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C., beneath Abraham Lincoln's right hand.

- Fasces
A fasces image, with the axe in the middle of the bundle of rods

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