Harriet Hosmer, engraving by Augustus Robin (1873)
The Emancipation Memorial in 2014
Harriet Goodhue Hosmer with her assistants and carvers in the courtyard of her studio in Rome (1867)
A postcard captioned "Lincoln Statue" depicts the Emancipation Memorial circa 1900.
The Sleeping Faun, circa 1870, Cleveland Museum of Art
Detail from the masthead of The Liberator
Lady Ashburton
This early small demonstration version by Ball was purchased by Edward Francis Searles. It is now located in the atrium of the Methuen, Massachusetts Town Hall.
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Illustration of the Prince of Wales visiting Hosmer's studio
H. G. Hosmer: Beatrice Cenci
Clasped Hands of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1853 by Hosmer
Daphne, modeled 1853
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, 1857, Art Institute of Chicago
Zenobia in Chains, c. 1859, Saint Louis Art Museum
Thomas Hart Benton, c. 1868, Lafayette Square Park. St. Louis
Queen Isabella c. 1893

Harriet Hosmer proposed a grander monument than that suggested by Thomas Ball.

- Emancipation Memorial

An alternate Emancipation Memorial—designed but not constructed

- Harriet Hosmer

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