The Emancipation Memorial in 2014
Newspaper advertisement for the Boston Museum, by Moses Kimball, from the Barre Patriot, Barre, Vermont, 15 September 1850.
A postcard captioned "Lincoln Statue" depicts the Emancipation Memorial circa 1900.
Boston Museum in 1851
Detail from the masthead of The Liberator
Boston Museum advertisement from 1872
This early small demonstration version by Ball was purchased by Edward Francis Searles. It is now located in the atrium of the Methuen, Massachusetts Town Hall.

In 1879 Kimball donated to Boston a copy of Thomas Ball's sculpture Emancipation Group.

- Moses Kimball

In 1879, Moses Kimball, for whom Ball had once worked for at the Boston Museum, donated a copy of the statue to Boston.

- Emancipation Memorial

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