Enlisted rank

A commissioned officer (left) and a non-commissioned officer of the British Army prepare for a mission in Afghanistan.

An enlisted rank (also known as an enlisted grade or enlisted rate) is, in some armed services, any rank below that of a commissioned officer.

- Enlisted rank

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Non-commissioned officer

Military officer who has not pursued a commission.

A sergeant of the Coldstream Guards addressing through the ranks during the rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.
Sergeant, Royal Artillery, on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, firing the one o'clock gun
A First Sergeant with the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) gets his soldiers ready for a uniform inspection

Non-commissioned officers usually earn their position of authority by promotion through the enlisted ranks.

Air Force Specialty Code

Alphanumeric code used by the United States Air Force to identify a specific job.


Officer AFSCs consist of four characters and enlisted AFSCs consist of five characters.

Warrant officer

Rank or category of ranks in the armed forces of many countries.

The Regimental Sergeant Major of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, WO1 Herman Eve, in 1992
Relative ranks in the Royal Navy, c. 1810. Warrant officers are underlined in the chart.
Arm badge of a WO1 conductor RLC (British Army)
Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Warrant Officer
Master warrant officer
Insignia of a chief warrant officer
Insignia of a master warrant officer
Insignia of a warrant officer

In Commonwealth countries, warrant officers have usually been included alongside NCOs and enlisted personnel in a category called other ranks (ORs), which is equivalent to the US "E" category (i.e. there is no separate "W" category in these particular services).

Naval rating

A 19th-century caricature portraying ratings on a Royal Navy ship. The man with a sword is a commissioned officer, as is the man on the ladder with the telescope. All others are ratings.

In a navy, a rate, rating or bluejacket is a junior enlisted sailor who is not a warrant officer or commissioned officer.

Non-commissioned member

Defined in the Queen's Regulations and Orders as: "... any person, other than an officer, who is enrolled in, or who pursuant to law is attached or seconded otherwise than as an officer to, the Canadian Forces..."

Badge of the Canadian Armed Forces

In the United States Army, Air Force and Marines, the equivalent term is "enlisted rank."

Officer (armed forces)

Person who holds a position of authority as a member of an armed force or uniformed service.

A commissioned officer (left) and a non-commissioned officer of the British Army prepare for a mission in Afghanistan.
An Indonesian army officer serving as a ceremonial field commander
The Royal Navy officer training academy Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth
Newly commissioned U.S. Navy and Marine Corps officers celebrate their new positions by throwing their midshipmen covers into the air as part of the U.S. Naval Academy class of 2005 graduation and commissioning ceremony.
A platoon from the Australian 29th Battalion being addressed by their officer commanding in August 1918
An officer of the People's Liberation Army.

A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is an enlisted member of the armed forces holding a position of some degree of authority who has (usually) obtained it by advancement from within the non-commissioned ranks.

United States Air Force

Air service branch of the United States Armed Forces, and is one of the eight U.S. uniformed services.

The first F-35 Lightning II of the 33rd Fighter Wing arriving at Eglin AFB
An Air Force RQ-4 strategic reconnaissance aircraft
An Air Force KC-46 Pegasus refuels a C-17A Globemaster III
An Air Force A-10 demonstrating close air support at Nellis AFB
Test launch of a LGM-30 Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from Vandenberg AFB
Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base
Roundels that have appeared on U.S. military aircraft
1.) 5/1917–2/1918
2.) 2/1918–8/1919
3.) 8/1919–5/1942
4.) 5/1942–6/1943
5.) 6/1943–9/1943
6.) 9/1943–1/1947
7.) 1/1947–
The SR-71 Blackbird was a Cold War reconnaissance plane.
The F-117 Nighthawk was a stealth attack aircraft (retired from service in April 2008).
A row of Douglas C-54 Skymasters during the Berlin Airlift in 1949
Various Air Force personnel pose during the Air Force's 74th birthday celebration at the Pentagon, September 17, 2021.
Organization of the United States Air Force within the Department of Defense
Pararescuemen and a simulated "survivor" watch as an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter comes in for a landing
U.S. Air Force trainee demonstrating a butt stroke on a strike dummy as part of Basic Military Training.
USAF Airmen training at Lackland AFB
A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-attack aircraft
B-2 Spirit stealth bomber
A C-17 Globemaster III, the USAF's newest and most versatile transport plane
E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system
F-22 Raptor stealth air superiority fighter
KC-10 Extender tri-jet air-to-air tanker
An MC-12W Liberty at Beale AFB
MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle
Lockheed U-2 spy plane
RQ-170 Sentinel stealth unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance aircraft
VC-25A (Air Force One)
A WC-130J Hercules from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
An unarmed Minuteman III ICBM shoots out of the silo during an operational test launch

USAF rank is divided between enlisted airmen, non-commissioned officers, and commissioned officers, and ranges from the enlisted Airman Basic (E-1) to the commissioned officer rank of General (O-10), however in times of war officers may be appointed to the higher grade of General of the Air Force.

United States Navy

Maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

Emblem of the United States Navy
USS Constellation vs L'Insurgente during the Quasi-War
USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere during the War of 1812
A carte de visite of a U.S. Navy lieutenant during the Civil War
The Great White Fleet demonstrating U.S. naval power in 1907; it was proof that the U.S. Navy had blue-water capability.
Columbia, personification of the United States, wearing a warship bearing the words "World Power" as her "Easter bonnet" on the cover of Puck, 6 April 1901
Battleship USS Idaho (BB-42) shelling Okinawa on 1 April 1945.
USS George Washington (SSBN-598), a ballistic missile submarine
U.S. Navy officers aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) monitor defense systems during early 2010s maritime security operations exercises
U.S. Navy patrol boat near Kuwait Naval Base in 2009
The amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA-6), launched in 2012.
Organization of the United States Navy within the Department of Defense
Simplified flowchart of the U.S. Navy command structure
Areas of responsibility for each of the United States Navy fleets. Tenth Fleet serves as the numbered fleet for U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and therefore is not shown.
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) docking at the U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan
A Marine F/A-18 from VMFA-451 preparing to launch from USS Coral Sea (CV-43)
A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter preparing to land on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD-1)
Navy SEALs at one of the entrances to the Zhawar Kili cave complex
U.S. Navy warrant officer specialty insignias
Map of naval bases in the United States
Underwater Demolition Team members using the casting technique from a speeding boat
Combat Camera Underwater Photo Team – A U.S. Navy diver during underwater photography training off the coast of Guantanamo Bay
USS Nimitz, a
USS Bataan (LHD-5), a
USS San Antonio (LPD-17), a
USS Port Royal (CG-73), a
USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000), a Zumwalt-class stealth guided missile destroyer
USS Independence (LCS-2), a Littoral combat ship
USS Freedom (LCS-1) underway in special naval camouflage
USS Warrior (MCM-10) in port
USS Typhoon (PC-5) departing Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek in Virginia
USS Kentucky (SSBN-737), an ballistic missile submarine
USS Virginia (SSN-774), a attack submarine
Four Navy F/A-18F Super Hornets
U.S. Navy MH-60R maritime strike helicopter assigned to the HSM-78 Blue Hawks aboard the carrier USS Carl Vinson
Aviation Ordnancemen loading GBU-12 bombs in 2005
U.S. naval jack
First navy jack
Naval Aviator Badge
Submarine Officer badge
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia

Of those on active duty, more than eighty percent are enlisted sailors and around fifteen percent are commissioned officers; the rest are midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy and midshipmen of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at over 180 universities around the country and officer candidates at the Navy's Officer Candidate School.

Russian Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, commonly known as the Russian Armed Forces, are the combined military forces of Russia.

Military districts of Russia as of 2021.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu at the Moscow Victory Day Parade, 9 May 2013
Russian troops at the 2015 Moscow Victory Day parade
Russian troops marching in the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade
Members of the 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade of the Russian Airborne Forces (2018)
Ratnik infantry combat system in reconnaissance variant and AFV crew individual protection kit Ratnik-ZK
Soviet and Russian military expenditures in billions of 2015 US dollars
The facade of the National Defense Management Center
The conference room of the National Defense Management Center
A pie chart showing global military expenditures by country for 2018, in US$ billions, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies
The Sukhoi PAK FA is one of the latest procurement projects of the Russian Armed Forces.
A mobile version of the RS-24 Yars
The Borei-class submarine Alexander Nevsky

The first category includes: 1) the persons at the any military rank below that of a commissioned officer (enlisted personnel) and not reached the age of 35 years old; 2) the persons at the any rank from junior lieutenant to captain (captain-lieutenant in naval service) inclusively (junior commissioned officers) and not reached the age of 50 years old; 3) the persons at the any rank from major (captain 3rd rank in naval service) to lieutenant colonel (captain 2nd rank in naval service) inclusively and not reached the age of 55 years old; 4) the persons at the rank of colonel (captain 1st rank in naval service) and not reached the age of 60 years old; 5) the persons at the rank of major general (counter admiral in naval service) or higher (supreme officers) and not reached the age of 65 years old.

Republic of Korea Armed Forces

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces, also known as the ROK Armed Forces, are the armed forces of South Korea.

Flag of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces
President Park Chung-hee inspecting troops at the 1973 Republic of Korea Armed Forces Day parade
President Moon Jae-in with Minister of National Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Commander USFK in 2017
The South Korean K2 Black Panther tank
South Korean soldiers at the JSA (Joint Security Area) between the blue buildings, with North Korea in the background
ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG 991), a Sejong the Great-class guided-missile destroyer
ROKMC KAAV7A1 assault amphibious vehicles
Two ROKAF F-15K strike fighters (foreground) with a USAF F-16C in the background.

In the South Korean armed forces, ranks fall into one of four categories: commissioned officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, and junior enlisted ("Byeong"), in decreasing order of authority.