Enterprise Integration Patterns

Book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf and describes 65 patterns for the use of enterprise application integration and message-oriented middleware in the form of a pattern language.

- Enterprise Integration Patterns

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Apache Camel

Apache Camel is an open source framework for message-oriented middleware with a rule-based routing and mediation engine that provides a Java object-based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an application programming interface (or declarative Java domain-specific language) to configure routing and mediation rules.

Guaraná DSL

Domain-specific language to design enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions at a high level of abstraction.

Guaraná's tasks are based on the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) of Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf.

Enterprise messaging system

Set of published enterprise-wide standards that allows organizations to send semantically precise messages between computer systems.

The commonalities between messaging systems (in terms of capabilities and architecture) have been captured in a platform-independent fashion as enterprise integration patterns (a.k.a. messaging patterns).

Petals ESB

Open-source ESB developed by Linagora.

Based on standards, it also supports SOA standards such as BPMN and Enterprise Integration Patterns capabilities.

Fuse Mediation Router

Fuse Mediation Router is an open source tool for integrating services using Enterprise Integration Patterns based on Apache Camel for use in enterprise IT organizations.

List of Apache Software Foundation projects

This list of Apache Software Foundation projects contains the software development projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

The TEAF Matrix of Views and Perspectives.

Camel: declarative routing and mediation rules engine which implements the Enterprise Integration Patterns using a Java-based domain specific language