Environmental impact of agriculture

a variety of effects on the environmentagriculturecommercial agriculturedestructive nature of agricultureenvironmentenvironmental consequences of agricultureimpact the environment
The environmental impact of agriculture is the effect that different farming practices have on the ecosystems around them, and how those effects can be traced back to those practices.wikipedia
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Environmental impact of meat production

animal agriculturedetrimental environmental effects of meat productionenvironmental
Environmental impact of meat production
All agricultural practices have been found to have a variety of effects on the environment.

Environmental issue

environmental issuesenvironmental impactenvironmental problems
Ultimately, the environmental impact depends on the production practices of the system used by farmers.
Environmental impact of agriculture

Pesticide drift

spray drift[drift of pesticide
Pesticide drift
Environmental impact of agriculture

Pesticide residue

pesticide residuespesticide contaminationresidue
Pesticide residue in foods
Environmental issues with agriculture

Phosphate mining in Nauru

phosphate miningespecially on NauruNauru
Phosphate mining in Nauru
Environmental effects of agriculture

Livestock's Long Shadow

Livestock's Long Shadow – Environmental Issues and OptionsLivestock's Long Shadow - Environmental Issues and Options
''Livestock's Long Shadow – Environmental Issues and Options
Environmental issues with agriculture

Agricultural pollution

agricultureagricultural runoffagricultural GHG
Agricultural pollution
Environmental impact of agriculture

Geography of food

In fact, Plato commented on the destructive nature of agriculture when he referred to the soil erosion from the mountainsides surrounding Athens, stating "[In previous years] Athens yielded far more abundant produce. In comparison of what then was, there are remaining only the bones of the wasted body; all the richer and softer parts of the soil having fallen away, and the mere skeleton of the land being left".

Environmental issues in Bolivia

Major environmental issues in Bolivia include managing its forests, preserving the country's levels of biodiversity, maintaining ecologically important protected areas, coping with the effects of climate change, and dealing with the environmental consequences of agriculture, mining, oil and gas development, and transportation infrastructure.

Deforestation in Central America

Central AmericaCentral American forestsdeforestation
Central American countries have experienced cycles of deforestation and reforestation since the decline of Maya civilization, influenced by many factors such as population growth and agriculture.

Nutrient management

nutrient management plannutrient management plans
Nutrient management is the science and practice directed to link soil, crop, weather, and hydrologic factors with cultural, irrigation, and soil and water conservation practices to achieve optimal nutrient use efficiency, crop yields, crop quality, and economic returns, while reducing off-site transport of nutrients (fertilizer) that may impact the environment.


Agronomists of today are involved with many issues, including producing food, creating healthier food, managing the environmental impact of agriculture, and extracting energy from plants.

Optimum population

optimal size' for human population
Environmental impact of agriculture

Food policy

food Wholesome Poultry ActElderly Nutrition Program
In recent decades, policy makers have come under increased pressure to balance the interests of traditional farming in the United States and issues around organic farming, the environmental impact of agriculture, food vs. fuel, and international food security concerns.

SBI Youth for India

The flagship batch of the fellowship had 27 fellows selected out of about 4000 applicants, who worked for a year on various projects in the areas of agricultural supply chain and linkages, education, public policy and awareness, rural tourism, tribal development and environment in eight states and union territories (namely, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Orissa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry).

Agricultural expansion

agricultural developmentAgriculturalagricultural advancement
Environmental impact of agriculture

Celaque National Park

However, only 6% of the land is dedicated to small-scale farming and most of the damage is still being done through illegal logging and commercial agriculture.

Poultry litter

chicken litterchicken manuredry litter
Environmental issues with agriculture

Palm kernel

kernelkernelsoil palm kernels
Environmental issues with agriculture

Climate change and agriculture

agriculturefertilisation effectfood production
Environmental issues with agriculture

Environmental impact of irrigation

environmentaldepletion of grazing landenvironmental impacts of irrigation
Environmental issues with agriculture

Poultry farming

poultry farmpoultrychicken farm
Environmental issues with agriculture

Intensive farming

industrial agricultureintensive agricultureintensive
Environmental issues with agriculture