Eurasia Bulgaria International

Bulgarian InternationalBulgaria OpenBulgarian Eurasia OpenBulgaria Hebar OpenBulgaria Eurasia OpenBulgarian Hebar Open2008Bulgarian OpenBulgaria Open Grand Prix
The Eurasia Bulgaria International is an international badminton tournament held in Bulgaria since 2012.wikipedia
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Bulgarian International

Bulgarian OpenBulgaria InternationalBulgarian Open Championship 2019
Another badminton tournament in Bulgaria with the higher level known as Bulgarian Open.
The Bulgarian International changed its title to Bulgarian Open in 2017, to differentiate it from the second tournament in the country which is now known as Bulgarian International.

Alex Vlaar

Alex is now selected for the National team of Bulgaria and together with Bulgarian mixed doubles partner Mariya Mitsova he already was runner-up at the 2016 Croatian International, and won the 2018 Bulgarian Open and the 2018 Bulgarian International.

Julien Maio

In 2015, he won the men's doubles titles at the Eurasia Bulgaria International partnered with Jordan Corvée.

Phạm Như Thảo

Pham Nhu Thao
She won her first senior title at the 2015 Eurasia Bulgaria International tournament, by clinched two titles in the women's and mixed doubles event.

Lê Thu Huyền

Le Thu Huyen
In the senior international event, she won the 2011 Kenya International in the mixed doubles with Lê Hà Anh, and 2015 Eurasia Bulgaria International in the women's doubles with Phạm Như Thảo.