Ireland (left) and Great Britain (right), are large islands of north-west Europe
A migrant family from Minsk, Belarus in Melbourne, c. 1915–1916. They were likely recorded as Russians rather than Belarusians.
Polish refugees in Wellington, New Zealand, 1944.
Child immigrant Maira Kalnins in August 1949. Kalnins was travelling with her family to start a new life in Australia after the postwar occupation of her native Latvia by Russian forces. Her photogenic qualities won her the role as the central figure in a publicity campaign to mark the 50,000th new arrival in Australia.
Norfolk Islanders gathering at a cricket match in November 1908.
French convicts on a construction site in Nouméa, c. 1900.
A New Caledonian prison warden, c. 1906.
James Cook's landing on Tanna island, as depicted by William Hodges.
Australian missionaries in Malekula, Vanuatu, c. 1918.
Germans at the transfer of sovereignty for Yap in the Western Caroline Islands, 1899.
A German postcard of Chuuk. It was created sometime between 1899 and 1914, when Germany had control of the Carolines.
William Harris with his Nauran wife and children, 1887.
A Missionary in Nauru being presented with the cup of love and welcome, c.1916-1917.
Wreck of the Antelope Packet, Capt. Henry Wilson, on a Reef of Rocks, near the Pelew Islands by Thomas Tegg, National Maritime Museum.
French Catholic missionary Eugène Eyraud.
Kelly Preston in 2005.
Hoisting the Union Jack flag over Niue, 1900.
Pitcairn Islanders in 1916.
Clipperton Island survivor Alicia Rovira Arnaud.
Workers from various Oceanian countries at a pineapple farm in Queensland, Australia, 1890s.
A New Zealand tourism poster promoting the Polynesian culture of the country, c. 1960.
A 2021 Pacific Islands Forum meeting, which was held via Zoom. The PIF is an inter-governmental organization for the sovereign states of Oceania, including the European-majority nations of Australia (first in second row) and New Zealand (second in fourth row).
Australian rules footballers from the Sydney Swans and West Coast Eagles during the 2005 AFL Grand Final.

Tiny, uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Robinson Crusoe Island in a group of islands known as the Juan Fernández Islands.

- Santa Clara Island

Santa Clara Island is currently uninhabited, and most live in the village of Robinson Crusoe, on Bahía Cumberland.

- Europeans in Oceania
Ireland (left) and Great Britain (right), are large islands of north-west Europe

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