Giovanni Martino Spanzotti, The saints Evasio (probably) and Peter Martyr. Oil on wood, c. 1595–1600. National Gallery, London.
Evasius as Bishop of Asti from a 1677 ex voto in the Confraternita della Trinità

Believed to have been a missionary and bishop of Asti, in north-west Italy.

- Evasius

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Asti

Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in Piedmont, northern Italy, centered in the city of Asti.

Asti Cathedral
View of Asti and the Collegiata di San Secondo – Antonio Bignoli 1857.

There has been some controversy as to the beginning of the Diocese of Asti and the episcopate of St. Evasius, once placed by some at much earlier dates.

Casale Monferrato

Town in the Piedmont region of Italy, in the province of Alessandria.

The fortified town from an engraving of 1745. On the left the river Po, and to the right the star-shaped cittadella
Memorial to asbestos victims on the former Eternit factory site.
Piazza Mazzini
The Torre Civica
The Cathedral's narthex
Piazza Mazzini; in the background Via Saffi leads past the civic tower towards Piazza Castello
Santa Caterina. Note the elliptical drum
The Theatre
Neoclassical façade of Santa Croce by Francesco Ottavio Magnocavalli
Ai caduti: the war memorial
Palazzo Treville
Palazzo San Giorgio, the town hall
Portrait of Anna d'Alençon by Macrino d'Alba
Niccolò Musso, self-portrait
Ascanio Sobrero
Roberto Bolle
Piazza Santo Stefano
Church of Santo Stefano
Carlo Alberto
The Castle
The Torre Civica
San Domenico
Synagogue of Casale
The cathedral of Sant’Evasio

It was here (according to late and unreliable accounts) that one Saint Evasius, along with 146 followers, was decapitated on the orders of the Arian Duke Attabulo.

Pantheon, Rome

Former Roman temple and since 609 AD, a Catholic church (Basilica di Santa Maria ad Martyres or Basilica of St. Mary and the Martyrs), in Rome, Italy, on the site of an earlier temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD).

The tomb of Raphael
The interior of the Pantheon
Facade of the Pantheon
Floor plan of the Pantheon from Georg Dehio/Gustav von Bezold: Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes. Stuttgart: Verlag der Cotta'schen Buchhandlung 1887–1901.
The Pantheon dome. The coffered dome has a central oculus as the main source of natural light.
View of the Pantheon in Rome, including the concrete dome
An 1836 view of the Pantheon by Jakob Alt, showing twin bell towers, in place from early 17th to late 19th centuries.
The interior of the Pantheon in the 18th century, painted by Giovanni Paolo Panini.
The portico
Cross-section of the Pantheon showing how a 43.3-metre diameter sphere fits under its dome.
Beam in the dome of the Pantheon
Low Memorial Library at Columbia University, designed by Charles Follen McKim
The Rotunda designed by Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia
Pantheon during a cloudy day
The dome photographed with a fisheye lens in 2016
South east view of the Pantheon from Piazza della Minerva, 2006
The dome of the Pantheon seen from the hill of Janiculum
The Pantheon by night
Pantheon 2013
Sideways view across portico
Portico roof from below
Dome by night
Tomb of King Victor Emmanuel II, "Father of his Country"

The final niche on this side has a statue of St. Evasius (Sant'Evasio) (1727) by Francesco Moderati.

Sebastiano Guala

Italian church architect active between 1640 and 1680 in the area of Casale Monferrato, then capital of the Gonzaga-ruled state of Montferrat.

Filippo Brunelleschi is revered as one of the most inventive and gifted architects in history.

Santa Maria sulle Mura (also Madonna di Pompei and La Madonnina) in Viale Morozzo, with a secondary entrance from Via Saletta, was built in 1675 to contain a fresco of the Madonna upon which ‘miraculous’ tears had been observed. The image, which also depicts the infant Jesus and Saint Evasio, was painted in 1615 by Selvino Bolognesi.

Agostino Busti

Agostino Busti (or Bambaia) (c.

Busti's funerary monument to Gaston de Foix, in the Museo d'arte antica, Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy.

Busti worked on a number of tombs and monuments in his life including those of Gian Marco, Zenone Birago, Mercurio Bua, Giovanni Antonio Bellotti, Marino Caracciolo, Canon Giovanni Vimercati, and Saint Evasius.

December 1

Convened in the Vatican, at which Charlemagne is to judge the accusations against Pope Leo III.

A view of the Papal Apartments from Saint Peter's Square


Casale Monferrato Cathedral

West front and bell towers
View of nave towards apse

Casale Monferrato Cathedral (Duomo di Casale Monferrato; Cattedrale di Sant'Evasio) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Casale Monferrato, province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy, dedicated to Saint Evasius.

Rainier, Marquis of Montferrat

The sixth ruler of the state of Montferrat in north-west Italy from about 1100 to his death, and the first such to be identified in contemporary documents as Margrave of Montferrat.

Also that year, with his cousin Oberto I of Occimiano, he donated to the Chapter of Saint Evasius of Casale the church of San Martino di Zenzano infra castrum Aucimianum (in the castle of Occimiano).