Asti Cathedral
Giovanni Martino Spanzotti, The saints Evasio (probably) and Peter Martyr. Oil on wood, c. 1595–1600. National Gallery, London.
View of Asti and the Collegiata di San Secondo – Antonio Bignoli 1857.
Evasius as Bishop of Asti from a 1677 ex voto in the Confraternita della Trinità

Saint Evasius (Sant'Evasio; probably third century AD) is believed to have been a missionary and bishop of Asti, in north-west Italy.

- Evasius

There has been some controversy as to the beginning of the Diocese of Asti and the episcopate of St. Evasius, once placed by some at much earlier dates.

- Roman Catholic Diocese of Asti
Asti Cathedral

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