FC Cherkashchyna

Cherkaskyi DniproSlavutych CherkasyFC Cherkaskyi DniproKhodak CherkasyFC Slavutych CherkasyCherkashchyna-Akademiya BiloziryaCherkashchynaCherkashchyna-Akademiya BiloziriaCherkashchyna CherkasyCherkashchyna Сherkasy
FC Cherkashchyna is a professional Ukrainian football club from the city of Cherkasy.wikipedia
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FC Dnipro Cherkasy

Dnipro CherkasyFC CherkasyFC Kolhospnyk Cherkasy
However the club decided to have input from their fans and the club was renamed to Cherkaskyi Dnipro. It placed the year of establishment of FC Dnipro Cherkasy 1955 on its club's shield.
In 2010 the club has been partially succeeded by phoenix club FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro.

Serhiy Tulub

In 2010, on initiative of the Cherkasy Oblast Governor Serhiy Tulub a new club was created under the name of Slavutych and supposedly without any relations to Dnipro.
* FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro

Ukrainian Second League

Druha LihaSecond LeagueUkrainian Second Division
The club became the first that managed to reach semi-finals of the Ukrainian Cup in 2014, while playing in the Ukrainian Second League.

FC Zorya-Akademia Bilozirya

FC Zorya BiloziriaZoria BiloziriaFC Zorya Bilozirya
The club known as FC Slavutych Cherkasy in July 2014 merged with neighbors FC Zorya Bilozirya and was initially renamed, Slavutych-Zorya Cherkasy.
It is the farm team of the FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro and now FC Cherkashchyna-Akademiya Bilozirya.

Oleksandr Kyrylyuk

On 1 February 2019 the long-time head coach of Dnipro-Slavutych-Cherkashchyna Oleksandr Kyrylyuk expressed his expectations to get his club promoted to the First League approving the current format and composition of the Second League.
He worked as a manager of FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro, previously known as FC Dnipro Cherkasy and other club in Cherkasy Oblast.

Tsentralnyi Stadion (Cherkasy)

Central City StadiumCentral StadiumCentral Stadion
The club's home ground was Central Stadium which was refurbished in 2003 and has a capacity of 10,321.
It is currently used mostly for football matches, and was the home of FC Dnipro Cherkasy and now the home of FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro.

Football Federation of Cherkasy Oblast

Cherkasy Oblast Football ChampionshipCherkasy OblastCherkasy Oblast Championship
The recent reorganization took place in 2018 and turned the club into Cherkashchyna–Akademiya.

Ihor Petrov

PetrovIgor Petrov
In 2013 the club was coached by former Ukrainian international footballer and the first captain of national team Ihor Petrov who in 2015 decided to develop football in the Russian occupied eastern Ukraine.