FC Desna Chernihiv

Desna ChernihivDesnaDesna ChernigovDesna (Chernihiv)FC DesnaDesna"(Chernihiv)FC Avangard ChernihivDesna Chernihiv ReservesDesna Chernihiv u21FC "Desna" (Chernihiv)
FC Desna Chernihiv is a Ukrainian football club based in Chernihiv.wikipedia
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Ukrainian Second League

Druha LihaSecond LeagueUkrainian Second Division
However, the club was reformed with new management as "Sporting Football Club" Desna Chernihiv and was readmitted in the Ukrainian Second League.

Ukrainian Premier League

Premier Leaguetop Ukrainian football leagueVyshcha Liha
On 27 May 2018, the team got promoted to the Ukrainian Premier League for the first time in their history. According to the results of the 2017/18 season Desna won the bronze medals of the First League and gained the right to compete in the Premier League through the play-offs against Zirka Kropyvnytskyi.

NK Veres Rivne

Veres RivneFC Veres RivneAvanhard Rivne
The license was received by NK Veres Rivne, the third-placed team during the last season in the second-tier division.
On 1 June 2017, it was announced that second-place club FC Desna Chernihiv was denied a license to play in the top division.

2017–18 Ukrainian First League

According to the results of the 2017/18 season Desna won the bronze medals of the First League and gained the right to compete in the Premier League through the play-offs against Zirka Kropyvnytskyi.


In 1972 it was replaced with SC Chernihiv (team of the SKA Kiev) that played in Chernihiv for the next couple of years.

Yukhym Shkolnykov

"This year the Chernihiv team "Avanhard" will take part in the state football championship (challenge) among the Class B teams. To its squad were included better footballers of the region. Among them are goalkeeper V.Lomako, field players V.Kravchynskyi, Yu.Shkolnikov, O.Finkelberh, and others", in such way the chairman of regional council of sports societies and organizations V.Tatur informed readers of "Desnyanska Pravda" on 10 February 1960.

Oleksandr Ryabokon

Oleksandr Ryabokon’
Oleksandr Ryabokon (born 21 February 1964 in Kiev, in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union) is a former Ukrainian football defender, and currently the head-coach of FC Desna Chernihiv in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Yevgeny Goryansky

GoryanskyYevgeniy Goryanskiy
From 1958, he coached the Ukrainian clubs Zirka Kirovohrad, Sudnobudivelnyk Mykolaiv and Desna Chernihiv.

Valentin Tugarin

Since 1965, coached FC Desna Chernihiv, Avanhard Rivne, Spartak Ivano-Frankivsk, Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih, Atlantyka Sevastopol and Vulkan Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Ukrainian First League

Persha LihaFirst League1L
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the proclamation of Ukraine's independence, Desna started playing in the Ukrainian First League, but in the season 1993/94 it was relegated to the third tier.

Football Championship of the Ukrainian SSR

Football Championship of Ukrainian SSRChampionship of the Ukrainian SSRUkrainian Soviet competitions
The team of masters was established in Chernihiv in 1960 under the name "Avanhard" as part of the republican Avanhard sports society and entering competitions of the class "B" competitions (concurrently Football Championship of the Ukrainian SSR).

Oleksandr Shchanov

Aleksandr Shchanov
"The team's coach is appointed a former Dynamo Kyiv player Aleksandr Shchanov. These days "Avanhard" will proceed with its training and in already the nearest future in Chernihiv will start reconstruction and upgrade of the city's stadium. In its construction will take part quite a few city residents, public, youth, and Komsomol activists".
He worked with football clubs: FC Temp Kyiv, FC Avangard Chernihiv, FC Avangard Kharkiv and FC SKA Kyiv.

Oleksandr Deriberin

Aleksandr Deriberin
From July 2011 to March 2012 he coached the clubs FC Desna Chernihiv and FC Druzhba Maykop.

1990 Soviet Lower Second League, Zone 1

19901990 Lower League, Zone 1Lower Second League
* FC Desna Chernihiv – Placed 17th in the Zone 5 of Second League, (returning to republican competitions after a year of absence)