A report on Fashion design and Italian fashion

Fashion designers in 1974 in Dresden.
The Italian Catherine de' Medici, as Queen of France. Her fashions were the main trendsetters of courts at the time.
Fashion designers typically use a runway of models to showcase their work.
Via Montenapoleone during the Christmas period.
The Chéruit salon on Place Vendôme in Paris, 1910
Elegant luxury shops, during the Christmas period, along Via Pietro Verri nearby Via Montenapoleone
Men pulling carts of women's clothing in Garment District, New York, 1955
Luxury boutiques along Florence's prestigious Via de' Tornabuoni.
Fashion show at a fashion designing college, US, 2015
The Palazzo di Malta, surrounded by Hermès boutiques in Via Condotti, Rome's main upscale shopping street.
Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2011–2012 Fashion Show
Milan Fashion Week
Red carpet fashion: Italian actors Gabriel Garko and Laura Torrisi wearing designer formal wear at Venice Film Festival, 2009
Clothes by Valentino
Giorgio Armani, founder of the Armani company
Prada shop in Milan.
Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana Store on the Las Vegas Strip

Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, alongside France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

- Italian fashion

Seven countries have established an international reputation in fashion: France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Germany and Belgium.

- Fashion design
Fashion designers in 1974 in Dresden.

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