Final Mission (2013 film)

Final Mission
Final Mission is a 2013 Bengali film.wikipedia
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Shankar Chakraborty

Shankar Chakroborty
The film starts with the murder of an honest industrialist, Jayabrata Chakraborty (Rajat Ganguly), as the result of a terrible plan made by three criminals - Ranabir Hazra (Shyamal Dutta), Binod Pandey (Shankar Chakraborty), and Manmohan Sawant (Raja Chattopadhyay).
Final Mission (2013)

Rimjhim Mitra

Rimjhim Mitra Sumana Pandey, daughter of Binod Pandey, Rana's love interest
Final Mission (2013)

Cinema of West Bengal

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Final Mission is a 2013 Bengali film.

Ferdous Ahmed

As a demonstration of her canny strategy, Jui deploys her own son, Rana (Ferdous Ahmed) along with Jayabrata’s son, Raja (Sanjay Banerjee) in the ferocious dynamic encounter against her own husband Ranabir.


The film has 7 original songs which are sung by single singers as well as in duets.

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Final Mission is a 2013 Bengali film.