A report on Maggot and Fishing bait

Maggots feeding on an opossum carrion
A common bait fish (fathead minnow)
Maggots on a porcupine carcass
Australian beach worms ready for use as bait
Maggots from a rabbit.
Green Highlander, an artificial fly used for salmon fishing.
The rat-tailed maggot is a popular fish bait.
Lesser wax moth caterpillars are used as bait for trout fishing.
Corn borer caterpillars are also excellent bait when trout fishing.
Live bait vending machine, Brighton Recreation Area, Michigan
A bait fish (goldfish)
A bait fish (weather loach)
Lob worm
Crayfish are commonly sold and used as bait, either live or with only the tail meat, and are good at attracting channel catfish, largemouth bass, pike and muskellunge.
Mud lobster

Maggots are the most popular bait for anglers in Europe.

- Maggot

Grubs, maggots, grasshoppers, bees, and ants are used as bait in trout fishing, although many anglers believe that roe is superior to any other bait.

- Fishing bait
Maggots feeding on an opossum carrion

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