Flash flood

flash floodingflash floodsflash-floodflash-floodingfloodflashfloodareal floodingflash-floodsflashinessflashy
A flash flood is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and depressions.wikipedia
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2013 Sardinia floods

Cyclone Cleopatraheavy floodmassive floods


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2008 Irish flash floods

18 Augustall the crap weatherheavy rainfall
The 2008 Irish flash floods were a series of flash floods that occurred across the island of Ireland in August 2008.

List of flash floods

This list of notable flash floods summarizes the most widely reported events.

2019 Iran floods

flooding in southwestern IranMarch 2019 north Iran floods
From mid-March to April 2019 widespread flash flooding affected large parts of Iran, most severely in Golestan, Fars, Khuzestan, Lorestan, and other provinces.

October 2015 North American storm complex

nor'eastercatastrophic floodingFlash flooding
The October 2015 North American storm complex was an extratropical storm that triggered a high precipitation event, which caused historic flash flooding across North and South Carolina.

2012 Great Britain and Ireland floods

November 2012201228 June supercells
Severe weather warnings and a number of flood alerts were issued by the UK's Environment Agency, and many areas were hit by flash floods that overwhelmed properties and caused power cuts.

Floods in Singapore

Flash floods2010 Singapore floodscaused damage in 2010 and 2011
Each year, various parts of Singapore are inundated by a series of floods, usually in the form of flash floods that came about due to intense rainfall over a short period of time.

Flood stage

river stage
Flood stage does not apply to areal flooding.