Flo (Progressive)

Flo, as portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney

Fictional salesperson character appearing in more than 100 advertisements for Progressive Insurance since 2008.

- Flo (Progressive)

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Person who handles the cash register at various locations such as the point of sale in a retail store.

A cashier at her register in a Panamanian grocery store.
Cashier counters in Beijing, China.

Flo, in commercials for Progressive Insurance

Progressive Corporation

American insurance company, the third largest insurance carrier and the No. 1 commercial auto insurer in the United States.

Since 2008, Progressive's television advertisements have featured an overly enthusiastic woman named Flo (played by actress Stephanie Courtney), who explains the benefits of Progressive Insurance.

Stephanie Courtney

The San Diego Chicken, portrayed by Ted Giannoulas, was a staple in the San Diego area during the 1970s and 80s. On the right is United States President Ronald Reagan at a campaign stop in San Diego during the 1988 election.

Stephanie Courtney (born February 8, 1970) is an American actress and comedian, best known for playing the advertising character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation beginning in 2008.

Jim Cashman (actor)

American actor and writer, known for his role as "Jamie" in television and radio commercials for the Progressive Corporation beginning in 2014.

In his recurring role in the commercials, Cashman plays "Jamie" a sidekick to fellow actor Stephanie Courtney in her role as Flo.

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Stephanie Courtney, 1992, actress, Flo (Progressive Insurance)


American insurance company, headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, near Northbrook since 1967.

An Allstate agency in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Allstate in Toronto
Actor Dean Winters, who portrays the advertising character Mayhem

Nina Abnee, executive vice president at Burnett, said "We wanted to kick Flo's ass."

Cavemen (TV series)

American sitcom that aired on ABC from October 2 to November 13, 2007.

Stephanie Courtney as Diane (Courtney is the spokeswoman for Progressive Corporation, a competitor to GEICO)

List of years in television

List of years in television.

Flat-screen televisions for sale at a consumer electronics store in 2008

2008: First broadcast of Breaking Bad, The Mentalist, Sons of Anarchy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Secret Saturdays, Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, The Penguins of Madagascar, The Garfield Show, Making Fiends (the TV series), The Suite Life on Deck, Imagination Movers, Wipeout, Martha Speaks, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, Sid the Science Kid, True Blood, Simon's Cat, Fringe, Dogs 101, Time Warp, Underbelly, The Inbetweeners, Radio Arvyla, 19 Kids and Counting, The Yogscast, Extra Credits and Ben 10: Alien Force, and Hole in the Wall; First appearance of the Progressive Insurance mascot Flo; the launch of Discovery Channel's I Love the World ad campaign; the first 3D TV broadcasts; the historical miniseries John Adams premieres on HBO and wins a record-breaking thirteen Emmys. DIC Entertainment folds into Cookie Jar Group. Amazon Unbox is renamed to Amazon Instant Video on Demand.


American syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on September 10, 2007 (its major carriage is among television stations owned by Fox's).

A Progressive Insurance commercial did a parody of the show called "Look! Famous People!" in which the photographers all take pictures of spokeswoman Flo doing her grocery shopping, then catch her in a car with a man whom they assume to be her new boyfriend; he is instead a potential customer.

Bigfoot in popular culture

Alleged ape-like creature said to inhabit North America.

Frame 352 of the Patterson–Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot.

American Insurance company Progressive launched a commercial in March 2020 depicting fictional saleswoman Flo having a conversation with a Bigfoot named "Darryl" who is upset that people are so preoccupied with their outdoor recreational vehicles that no one wants to find him anymore.