Flynn (film)

Flynn c. undefined 1940

Australian film about the early life of Errol Flynn, focusing on his time in New Guinea starring Guy Pearce in the title role.

- Flynn (film)

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Guy Pearce

English-born Australian actor.

Pearce in 2012
Pearce at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival

The director/producer/writer Frank Howson cast Pearce in his first three films, Heaven Tonight, Hunting and Flynn, and paid for him to go to the Cannes Film Festival in 1991 for the premiere of the Howson-directed Hunting.

Steven Berkoff

British actor, author, playwright, theatre practitioner and theatre director.

Berkoff in 2020

His other films include the Hammer film Prehistoric Women (1967), Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), The Passenger (1975), Joseph Andrews (1977), McVicar (1980), Outland (1981), Coming Out of the Ice (1982), Underworld (1985), Revolution (1985), Absolute Beginners (1986), Prince's film Under the Cherry Moon (1986), Prisoner of Rio (1988), the Australian film Flynn (1993), Fair Game (1995), and Legionnaire (1998).

John Savage (actor)

American actor best known for his roles in the films The Deer Hunter (1978), The Onion Field (1979), Hair (1979) and Salvador (1986).

Savage in 2017
Savage discussing Hair at Sofia International Film Festival, March 2017

Flynn (1993) as Joe Stromberg

Claudia Karvan

Australian actress, producer and scriptwriter.

Karvan at Woman of Style Awards, Red Carpet, May 2015
Karvan at the 2012 AACTA Awards
Karvan's plaque at the Australian Film Walk of Fame, Ritz Cinema, Randwick, Sydney
Karvan and long-term partner, Jeremy Sparks, May 2013

Karvan starred alongside fellow Australian actor Guy Pearce in Flynn (as My Forgotten Man, 1993) (playing the young fiancée of Errol Flynn) and Dating the Enemy (1996) (where the partners are body swapped).

Errol Flynn

Australian-born actor.

Flynn c. undefined 1940
Flynn, alongside Enid Lyons, as a page boy in a queen carnival at the age of nine
Flynn at South West London College in 1923
With Olivia de Havilland in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
With Bette Davis in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
With Olivia de Havilland in Santa Fe Trail (1940)
Flynn in That Forsyte Woman (1949)
Flynn and first wife Lili Damita at Los Angeles airport in 1941
Flynn's coffin on a Union Station railway platform in Los Angeles
Flynn's grave marker at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery

Guy Pearce played Errol Flynn in the 1993 Australian film Flynn, which covers Flynn's youth and early manhood, ending before the start of his Hollywood career.

Brian Kavanagh (filmmaker)

Australian author, editor, writer, producer, and director of films and documentaries.

A film editor at work in 1946

1996: Flynn (original director)

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Tommy Dysart, 86, Scottish-born Australian actor (Prisoner, The Man from Snowy River, Flynn).

Tommy Dysart

Scottish-born Australian actor, known for his appearances on television dramas and comedies and in character roles in films and miniseries.

His films included The Man from Snowy River (1982), Bliss (1985), Garbo (1992), and Flynn (1996).

Barry Dickins

Prolific Australian playwright, author, artist, actor, educator and journalist, probably best known for his historical dramas and his reminisces about growing up and living in working class Melbourne.

Map featuring the year of the last execution and the year of abolition. The date for New South Wales is erronerous, with the last execution occurring on 24 August, 1939.

Since then he has appeared in: Paul Cox's Man of Flowers (1983); James Clayden's With Time to Kill (1987); Brian McKenzie's With Love to the Person Next to Me (1987); Paul Cox's The Gift (1988; Paul Cox's Golden Braid (1990) (which Dickins also co-wrote); Brian McKenzie's People Who Still Use Milk Bottles (1990); Frank Howson's Flynn (1993); and Elise McCredie's Strange Fits of Passion (1999).

Frank Howson

Frank Michael Howson (born 1952) has had a career in entertainment.

Flynn c. undefined 1940

He directed Flynn (1996) on the early life of Errol Flynn and Hunting (1991).